The Academy of Medical Sciences has grown into a community of 1200 Fellows since 1998ASTHEMIST/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The Academy of Medical Sciences has announced that 50 biomedical and health scientists have been selected from a pool of 384 candidates to become Fellows in 2021. The incoming Fellows include five Cambridge academics. 

The Fellowship is a prestigious award recognizing “outstanding contribution to the advancement of medical science.” Since its founding in 1998, the Academy of Medical Sciences has grown into a community of 1,200 Fellows, with new Fellows elected annually. 

All Fellows are considered to be outstanding in their various fields which include laboratory science, clinical academic medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, nursing and medical ethics.

The five Cambridge professors joining the academy are Franklin Aigbirhio, Ravindra Gupta, Brian Huntly, Adrian Liston and Benjamin Simons. Their areas of interest and expertise range from the early detection of dementia and acute brain injuries to the search for a cure to HIV

Professor Dame Anne Johnson, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, congratulated the newly elected Fellows in a statement: “The last year has clearly demonstrated the power and prowess of UK biomedical science, and I am proud of how many Fellows, new and old, have been at the forefront of the COVID-19 response in the UK and globally.”

The newly elected Fellow Professor Adrian Liston, a Senior Research Fellow of Churchill College, called the award a “really wonderful recognition of the work from my team.” 


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Eleven Cambridge scientists elected as Royal Society Fellows

Meanwhile, Professor Franklin Aigbirhio FRSC of Magdalene College emphasised that: “Going forward my election to the Fellowship provides a platform to highlight the role of black researchers and participants in biomedical and health research and to increase their involvement.”

This news comes as eleven Cambridge academics became Fellows of the Royal Society last week. The Royal Society and the Academy of Medical Sciences are members of a group of four National Academies, which also includes the British Academy and the Royal Society of Engineering