As one of the most reliable independent sources of information in the university, Varsity is more important than ever.

We’re re-opening applications for some of our most exciting editorial roles for Lent Term. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in journalism: Varsity is a place to learn, to experiment, and to explore new opportunities. Join the team and you’ll find a supportive environment united by passion and commitment to the paper. We’ll soon also be opening application for contributors like columnists, and we’re always looking for a diverse and exciting range of writers.

Bring your ideas, your perspective, and your curiosity. Apply to join Varsity today.


To apply for any position(s), please email your application to

Applications for all roles should be received by 5pm, Saturday 19th December. Let us know as soon as possible at if this deadline poses an issue!

All applications must include:

  • Your full name, subject, college and what you're in.
  • Which role(s) you would like to apply for.
  • Details of any academic commitments you have in Easter Term, and commitments to any societies/activities other than Varsity.
  • Details of any experience you have for the role. No experience is required or expected, and full training will be provided, but, if relevant, you may wish to include any experience in journalism or gained from other extra-curricular activities, and any technical skills (e.g. ability to use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or video editing software).

Please note that absolutely no prior experience is required. We welcome anyone keen to join the paper for the first time, especially freshers. Varsity is a space to explore new things, and our team is eager to guide you! 

Any questions about the roles or the application process? Pop an email to Gaby Vides and Georgina Buckle at

Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with any of the current section editors – they’ll be happy to answer any queries! Their contact details can be found here

Detailed information about all available roles and application guidelines can be found below.

Section editors

Our section editors helps to shape Varsity's sections, while working with a broad range of contributors. Our section editors have the unique opportunity to push discussion and platform many different conversations and perspectives. Section editors will commission, select and edit content, while having the opportunity to also write pieces themselves.

We're currently seeking Senior Features Editors and Deputy Features Editors.

If you’d like to apply for either of these roles, please provide:

  • A critique of the section from the past couple of terms, with suggestions of improvements you would seek to implement, if appointed. This should largely focus on content, but if you have any particular ideas for digital presence or print design, please include these (200-400 words).
  • A critique of an article from the section from the past couple of terms (150-300 words).
  • Three developed ideas for content in the section
  • Alternative headlines and subheadings for three recent articles from the section.
  • Details of any experience you have for the role. For example, you may wish to include any intern experiences or other extra-curricular activities. Please also include any technical skills (e.g. ability to use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or video editing software), particularly when applying to roles where these skills would be important. (200-400 words)

We seek to appoint at least two section editors for every section. Applicants should submit individual applications. 

Features Editor

The Features section is a place for creative, compelling perspectives on breaking news stories and key issues within the Cambridge community, as well as platforming personal stories from students. Over the past year, the section has established itself as a space where conversations begin, often stemming from personal experiences, broadening the discussions and perspectives of Cambridge students. We’re looking for someone who is engaged with the issues that dominate the news in Cambridge, but also an individual with an eye for an interesting perspective on issues often under-discussed or marginalised. The features editors must be comfortable helping writers transform their personal experiences and the individual stories of those living and working in and around the University into compelling journalism that engages the attention of a wider audience; opening eyes to new issues or introducing new perspectives on older ones.

Senior Features Editor: The Senior Features Editors are responsible for generating ideas for pieces, commissioning writers and editing copy. It’s important for a Senior Features Editor to be aware of what is happening in other sections (especially News, Opinion, and Lifestyle), and to think about how Features articles may respond to issues within Cambridge and wider society. Applicants should be thoughtful about how to put their ideas for the section into action. The Senior Features Editors will guide the Deputy Features Editors and will also hire the section’s columnists.

Deputy Features Editor: The Deputy Features Editors assist the Senior Features Editor in commissioning pieces and editing copy, as well as in supervising the section’s columnists. They are always on the lookout for opportunities for a good Features piece and can help guide writers on sensitive articles.

Keen to contribute to the paper but not in an editorial role? Applications for reporters, photographers, illustrators and columnists will open shortly. In the meantime, to hear about upcoming opportunities in sections you're interested in, join the relevant Facebook groups for interested writers. We’re always open to pitches, on any issue or theme which may interest you, so please drop us an email with your ideas!

Don't hesitate to apply! We’re excited to receive your application.

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