Boris Johnson speaks to staff at Addenbrookes HospitalTwitter/UK Prime Minister

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was “booed out” of Cambridge’s Addenbrooke’s hospital this afternoon, on the day he had hoped the UK would depart from the EU.

Johnson toured some of the hospital’s laboratories and met with staff on his trip to the city, which came just days after Brussels agreed to yet another Brexit extension, giving the UK until 31st January 2020 to negotiate a deal. In light of this development, Parliament has voted to hold a general election on 12th December.

His reception was less than warm, however, with many voicing their displeasure at the visit online. As Johnson departed Adenbrooke’s, he faced shouting and booing from staff and members of the public standing by to watch him leave.

In one video posted on twitter, a medical student working at the hospital described Johnson’s visit as a “PR stunt”, saying that “people who work in this hospital know the reality of cuts...we know what cuts have done to our NHS, we know that the NHS is being privatised.”

She also said that staff were not informed of the PM’s visit and described Johnson as “too much of a coward to actually speak to any real members of staff.”

Jeremy Caddick, Dean of Emmanuel College and Green Party parliamentary candidate, said of the visit, “Neither Johnson nor his plans for Brexit are welcome in Cambridge. Cambridge firmly rejects his damaging plans for Brexit.”

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Heidi Allen, MP for South Cambridgeshire, to stand down as MP

“His posturing at Addenbrookes when his party have starved the NHS of funds is beyond irony. The danger is that is he wins this election he plans to sell the NHS, the jewel in our national crown, to Trump’s America. We must stop him.”

Ian Sollom, Liberal Democrat candidate for South Cambridgeshire MP, tweeted, “Appears Boris Johnson has been booed out of Addenbrookes Hospital on a visit to Cambridge today.”

“Cambs has second biggest overspend in England, our residents are being put at risk by this Government’s underfunding, with chronic understaffing hitting care hard. #NotGoodEnough”

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