Jared Kushner (left) and Andrew Wheeler are to speak at the Union this termUS Department of State/US Department of Agriculture/Composite: Rosie Bradbury

Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, is set to visit the Cambridge Union this term, at a date to be announced.

Kushner is a controversial figure in the White House, with his 2016 meeting with Michael Flynn and a Russian envoy discussed in the recently-released Mueller report. He has also attracted controversy after a White House whistleblower reported that Trump inadvisably gave security to clearance to a number of figures, including Kushner.

Other figures associated with the Trump administration to have visited the Union include Omarosa Manigault Newman and Anthony Scaramucci, although both had fallen out of favour with Trump.

Two other prominent American political figures will be visiting the Union this term: Andrew Wheeler, Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency, and Reverend Dr Al Sharpton, a civil rights activist and former adviser to Barack Obama.


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‘He should have been in prison years ago’: Tony Schwartz on the Trump Presidency

Other politicians visiting the Union include Dr Lobsang Sangay, prime minister of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, and Natalie Bennett, former leader of the Green Party in the UK.

Cultural figures include British actress Zoë Wanamaker, Olympian sailor Ben Ainslie and Norwegian singer Sigrid Rabber, with her brother Tellef Raabe. Rose McGowan, an American actress who is a prominent figure in the #MeToo movement, will also be visiting the Union.

Debates to be hosted this term include ‘This House Would Return Looted Art Back To Its Country of Origin’ and ‘This House Would Send Its Children To Private School’.

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