PalSoc held a rally earlier this month to protest attacks in GazaRosie Bradbury

Cambridge University Palestinian Society (PalSoc) and Cambridge University Kurdish Society (KurdSoc) have been joined by 38 University and college groups and more than 60 academics in petitioning the University to terminate the participation of Caterpillar Inc. and BAE Systems in the Cambridge Service Alliance.

The open letter claims that members of the University are “deeply ashamed” by Cambridge’s connections to the companies due to the roles they deem both Caterpillar Inc. and BAE Systems to have played in conflicts in the Middle East.


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Analysis: Toope’s talk revealed the University’s true priorities

The Cambridge Alliance Service was created in 2010 and claims to be “a unique global alliance between leading businesses and universities, all of whom are devoted to delivering today the tools, education and insights needed for the complex service solutions of tomorrow”. Caterpillar Inc. and BAE Systems are two of the most prominent businesses taking part in the Alliance.

At an open meeting on 15th May, Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope said that these partnerships do not pertain to military operations. However PalSoc and KurdSoc claim that “this is not good enough”, saying that the University “cannot fulfil its pretensions to being ethically responsible and a social leader” while still partnered with the two.

The University did not respond to multiple requests for comment.