Wolfson College was one of many that flew the rainbow flag to celebrate LGBT+ history month in FebruaryLouis Ashworth

Cambridge will host its first Pride celebration next year, it has been confirmed.

Despite having one of the highest number of LGBT+ students anywhere in the UK, Cambridge has never held a Pride event. That is all set to change, however, with a committee being established to arrange a festival for next summer.


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Founding committee member Elizabeth Wynn told Cambridge News that event organisers are hoping to have a full committee of directors and volunteers by the end of the September, with fundraising events to begin shortly afterwards. An appeal for volunteers on Twitter has already generated more than thirty responses from members of the public.

Wynn, who is working on the event under the umbrella of the Cambridge Pink Festival, said "we want to create an event which is accessible to everyone, we want to make it enjoyable and colourful but we also want to give people who wouldn't get chance at a larger event the opportunity to perform and get involved."

Pride events celebrate LGBT+ culture, pride, and activism, as well as acting as unofficial demonstrations for LGBT+ rights. The London Pride event, held every summer, is one of the largest in Europe, and has been held since 1972.

Event organisers have established the @CambridgePride Twitter account to provide updates and information as the event organisation develops