Cambridge RAG

Cambridge RAG, a student charity organisation, have announced plans for a new weekly club night for Cambridge students, which will take place every Monday, to begin in the upcoming Michaelmas term.

According to organisers, aside from diversifying the nightlife scene in Cambridge, RAG’s event has two key purposes. As a society which raises “in the region of £100,000 each year” for 10 local, national, and international charities chosen by Cambridge students, the main priority is to raise further funds for this year’s selected charities; the organisation has assured that “every single penny from ticket sales will go to charity”.


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RAG, which stands for ‘Raising and Giving’, also aims to support student DJ talent in Cambridge. With the aid of student radio station Cam FM, Cambridge the club nights will provide a platform for student DJs during their club nights, supporting up-and-coming talent by providing them with the necessary exposure.

Speaking to Varsity, RAG President Julia Nielsen said of the ‘Ragtime’ event: “My team has been so incredibly hard-working and enthusiastic, and I can’t wait to see the product of their valuable hard work. I’m so confident that if anybody can make an epic night, it’s them! I’m also especially excited to be able to provide Cambridge students with a night which not only makes Mondays accessible, but allows them to feel like they are giving 100% back to their community in a charitable way. Last but not least, I’m personally excited to enjoy a weekly night of good music!”

RAG’s club night will be launched on Monday 2nd October at Kuda Cambridge, with tickets available on the door and from RAG representatives

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