Amatey Doku was supported by President-Elect Shakira MartinNUS

CUSU President Amatey Doku has succeeded in his bid to be elected Vice-President (Higher Education) in NUS, seeing off two rivals for the position.

Doku took 320 votes to Niall Hamilton’s 122 and Ana Oppenheim’s 110.

Among his policies are reducing the student debt burden by providing maintenance support to disadvantaged students, ensuring that all students have access to a university-funded ombudsman to handle complaints against each institution, and publishing a students’ White Paper on Brexit detailing their priorities.

Speaking after the result, Doku said: “I’m delighted to have been elected as NUS’ Vice President Higher Education. I’d like to thank all those who campaigned and voted. However, we must be under no illusion: the hard work begins now.

“With the Brexit negotiations under way and the implementation of sweeping Higher Education reforms, now is the time for NUS to commit all its available resource to fighting for a much stronger voice on a national level. It will be both my responsibility and my privilege to take on this task at this crucial time.

“I look forward to continuing the dialogue and debate that have shaped the campaign so far, to make sure that NUS truly represents students views and fights on the issues that matter for students.”

He had the support of a number of high-profile figures in NUS, including Shakira Martin, who was elected as President of NUS earlier today. He was also supported by outgoing Vice-President for Union Development Richard Brooks, a prominent opponent of Malia Bouattia’s who in January was secretly filmed discussing organising the opposition to her leadership within NUS.

Doku's iconic voice was noted by many attending conference, among them President-Elect Shakira Martin

Doku will replace Sorana Vieru, who was regarded as an ally of Bouattia’s. Doku himself was a prominent supporter of  Martin, with whom he will now sit on the National Executive Committee. He will begin his term on the 1st of July.

He is the second CUSU president to run for the role of Vice President for Higher Education, after his predecessor, Priscilla Mensah, who unsuccessfully challenged Vieru for the role