Wolfson College 'was not aware of Mr Moncaster’s previous conviction when he became a member'Simon Lock

A Cambridge PhD student has been convicted of sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy and handed an 18-month jail term.

39-year-old Tobias Moncaster, who had been studying for a PhD at Wolfson College in 2011, was found guilty of the offence, which took place in Colchester in 2008.

The victim, however, only came forward to tell police about the abuse in 2013.
In 2009, Moncaster pleaded guilty to several charges of sexually touching a boy under 13 and to possessing indecent images.

For these offences, he was given a community order and required to attend a sex offenders’ programme, which he completed.

Addressing Moncaster last Thursday at Chelmsford Crown Court, Judge Emma Peters criticised Moncaster for his actions and the damage they had caused.

She also imposed a five-year sexual harm prevention ban order, which prohibits him from unsupervised contact with boys under 16, and bans him from social media.

As she passed sentence, she said: “You caused great desolation and destruction to this young boy by your actions. You touched his genitalia.”

She added: “Because of your interest in boys, which stems from your time at school, your parents have left the area [Essex] distraught at what they have come to know of. You have left the victim’s family distraught and destroyed by what you have done to their son.

“The boy didn’t say anything to anyone; he didn’t discuss it. He went away and spent the next few years struggling. His siblings and his parents all had years of trying to uncover your abuse.”

She continued: “Your predilection for teenage boys leaves an awful lot of people damaged in your wake, Mr Moncaster.”

Dr Jane McLarty, Senior Tutor of Wolfson College, told Varsity: “Toby Moncaster has been convicted of a historic offence, committed some years before he became a member of this College in 2011.

“The College was not aware of Mr Moncaster’s previous conviction when he became a member.

“As soon as we were informed of it, a full risk assessment was carried out and we have monitored him on a very regular basis throughout his time here.”