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How do I make the most of a lockdown Valentine’s Day?


I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that this Valentine’s Day is going to be a little bit different (I can’t even bring myself to say the word unpr*cedented), but that shouldn’t mean that we write it off completely. In fact, I say let’s make 2021 the year when we change the whole Valentine’s tradition for good! For single people, Valentine’s Day can be a difficult day even in normal times. That dreaded day each year when you’re forced to watch schmaltzy rom-coms, and wade through mountains of teddy bears just to get to the biscuit aisle at Sainsburys. That day when, while the whole world is apparently falling in love, you end up feeling lonelier than ever. Well, this year, when so many of us are separated from our loved ones, be it family, friends, or partners, it seems to me the perfect moment to make a change.

“I’d definitely recommend doing a digital detox too – social media is bound to be teeming with grandiose declarations of love...”

This Valentine’s Day, let’s make space to appreciate love of all kinds. Take stock of the things or people in your life that make you happy. Perhaps it’s the person who delivers your post, who’ll never know how much you love them when they arrive with your latest impulse buy. Maybe it’s that cat-shaped mug that your friend got you for your birthday. Or maybe now’s the time to send some love your own way, and take a moment to appreciate all the things you’ve done just to help you survive these frightening, lonely times. Everybody has love in their life, if they are just able to see it and, if you’re in need of some empowering inspiration, just pop on Legally Blonde! You can’t go far wrong.


If Valentine’s day is your favourite day of the year (if fluffy heart pillows are really your thing), or if you think it’s just all a capitalist sham; this year it shouldn’t matter. I say all you need to do this Valentine’s is have a good old boogie, by yourself, or with anyone willing to join you in the chaos.

Recommended Bedroom Boogie Playlist (other songs are available):

  1. ‘The Best’ – Tina Turner
  2. ‘Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart’ – Dusty Springfield
  3. ‘Together You and I’ – Dolly Parton
  4. ‘Twist and Shout’ – Deacon Blue
  5. ‘Good as Hell’ – Lizzo
  6. ‘Ex’s & Oh’s’ – Elle King
  7. ‘Like a Prayer’ – Madonna
  8. ‘Love Really Hurts Without You’ – Billy Ocean
  9. ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I do)’ – Frank Wilson
  10. ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ – Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell


Life is already so tough, so don’t forget to engage in some romance to make yourself feel better. Even if you can’t meet each other in person, there should still be a sense of tradition. The essence of guaranteeing a long-term relationship lies in the little things in life, but occasional festive celebrations are also important. You could order your partner a bunch of roses, a chocolate cake, or a surprise gift on that special date. Alternatively, you could sing a lullaby before they go to sleep, or record a love song on the guitar. If you are too busy for those, a simple voice call with your partner to remember all the good times is good enough. Maybe you are not in a romantic mood during term time, but Valentine’s Day is the time to let your partner know that they are deeply loved. Don’t let future-you regret being too stingy to say I LOVE YOU to your important one.



Mountain View

Life and Friendship in an Empty Cambridge

If I had to give my answer in one word, it would be: don’t. Valentine’s Day is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Celebrated really only in the West, and only in the way we know it for the last century, I feel it has become an utter sham. Ignore the cards in shop windows, the heart shaped balloons and couples’ meal deals. Do something fun with someone you love – a friend, a family member… a significant other *if you really have to*. I’d definitely recommend doing a digital detox too – social media is bound to be teeming with grandiose declarations of love and, let’s be honest, none of us actually care. My advice would be just to treat it as any other day. If you really are desperate to celebrate something, save up your energy for International Women’s Day on the 8th of March!! <3