Grab your sunglasses and modern glam grunge inspired fits, but beware of bags like these!Alice Frecheville and Isabelle Flemming with permission for Varsity

In my relatively brief exploration of the Cambridge clubbing scene, I’ve quickly concluded that, excluding Arc-Soc, Junction all-nighters stand out as one of the rare places where your clubbing outfits demand special attention. This is likely because of the edgier nature of the night, which is closer to an evening out in Bristol or Nottingham than it is to your standard Wednesday Revs (Rumboogie). If you want to try out a more experimental or ‘extra’ style, Junction is the place to do it: it’s basically the Glastonbury of Cambridge, outfit-wise at least. While I’ve seen the likes of lacrosse team kit (and even swimming armbands – it is a sports night, after all) and, more typically, your bog standard “jeans and a nice top” in Rumboogie, Junction is filled with eye-catching ensembles, like stunning cropped green satin waistcoats worn shirtless, and chic double denim, leather and monochrome outfits that would make Julia Fox proud.

Since the trek is considerable (unless you’re one of the lucky few based in Homerton), layers are essential for that freezing Lent term hike to the venue. To avoid Junction’s notorious cloakroom queues, I recommend designating an old coat for clubbing (one you can chuck off and bundle in the corner or booth without fears of it being nicked, but not a college puffer that will inevitably get mixed up with someone else’s).

“In 2024, maximalism is so in, and where’s better to wear that sequinned tube top or leather bustier than a Junction all-nighter?”

If style is your priority, you could opt for a vintage leather jacket, which, excluding the risk of possible damage, offers the great reward of an effortlessly cool and practical outfit. If you’re like me and are afraid to ruin your vintage jacket, you could layer using a sweatshirt or jumper. To achieve that “je ne sais quoi” look, casting a jumper over your shoulders is always an option, or you could just wear the jumper to channel a grandpa chic look, and stay warm in the queue without fretting over losing your puffer or treasured vintage jacket.

In my opinion the messier and more you look like you’ve been on a bender the betterAlice Frecheville with permission for Varsity

In 2024, maximalism is so in, and where’s better to wear that sequinned tube top or leather bustier than a Junction all-nighter? Personally, I’m reaching for my glitter cowl neck top. Choose vivid colours, prints, fabrics, asymmetrical necklines, non existent backs and eye-catching silhouettes. Graphic tees are also a fun staple where you can display your individuality (just be careful with the colour of your T-shirt because it can get humid on the second floor.) Any top can be paired well with jeans, cargos, mini skirts or linen trousers. I’ve found that wearing tights under your bottoms is a lifesaver throughout the winter months, especially if you bring a small bag so that you can easily de-layer and store your tights safely if you get too sweaty on the floor.

In my opinion, makeup and accessories are easily the most vital element to ensuring your outfit’s success. With the rise of the late 2000s ‘dishevelled party girl’ aesthetic thanks to Saltburn and the protest against the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic, a grungy, smokey eye or a glittery look should be your go to. Your makeup inspirations should be Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Effy Stonem and, of course, Venetia Catton.

“A grungy, smokey eye or a glittery look should be your go to”

Naturally, sunglasses should be an essential for some of you, no further comment needed. Wildcard accessories are also super fun and a great way to stand out from the crowd (and help your friends locate you if you get separated on a side quest). Think cowboy hats, bucket hats or neck chains, but no Hawaiian garlands! Of course, practicality is still a concern. Save yourself the aggravation of losing your shoulder bag, wallet and ID by ensuring that your bag has a long strap (or invest in a bumbag). Sometimes it has to be done – I’ve learnt from hard experience.


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You don't need new clothes to reinvent yourself

Sadly, style occasionally has to be sacrificed for functionality. The same regrettably goes for shoes. While I adore my heels for some club nights, Junction is a different story. Sturdy boots like docs are preferable for the trek and inevitable spilling of drinks/trampling on the floor, or you could just throw on some old trainers. Let’s be real, nobody can really see your feet anyway and I always think it’s more fruitful to focus on the top half of your outfit, like you would at a festival. In short, plan your Junction outfit like a festival outfit. Keep those football and college rugby shirts where they belong at Rumboogie or Lolas, and dress to impress!