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It’s a well-known fact by now that the fashion industry prioritises thinner models for their runways and campaigns. Although numerous curve models like Ashley Graham and Paloma Elsesser have created a space for bigger bodies in fashion, I still struggle to find fashion that would suit my body type. A particular problem I have is finding clothes designed with bigger busts in mind – my breasts are a whopping 32FF (and before you think that’s sexy, imagine trying to juggle a couple of ferrets in your bra all day). Most fashion is not designed with larger busts in mind, and for this reason, it’s difficult to find clothes that really flatter voluptuous bodies.

“If you take one thing away from this article, it’s this principle of dressing for yourself and your body.”

I’ve struggled for years to find bras and clothes, but after years of making mistakes and seeking out style advice from voluptuous women, I’ve learnt how to emphasise my assets without feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. I have compiled a few tips on how to dress for voluptuous bodies, and I’ve also provided a few lingerie brands that cater to larger busts. By no means do you have to follow this advice – after all, I certainly know the value of breaking fashion rules after ignoring my grandmother’s advice that turtlenecks don’t suit busty bodies. However, if any of you are struggling to find fashion that would suit larger busts, this guide can serve as a starting point for your own fashion journeys.

this guide can serve as a starting point for your own fashion journeysINSTAGRAM / DELILAHDENNETT

A few tips for dressing for voluptuous bodies:

  • Turtleneck tops - Okay, so it turns out my grandma may have had a point about the turtlenecks. It’s not that voluptuous individuals cannot wear turtlenecks, but rather that we’ve got to be picky. I’ve been lured in by way too many cute turtleneck tops that end up bunching around my chest and exposing my midriff not to warn you about this. Just make sure to get turtlenecks that fit comfortably around your torso, arms and bust before marching off into the world in defiance of your grandmother’s advice.
  • Don’t be afraid to go big – I was always afraid that wearing bigger sizes would detract from my shape rather than accentuate it, but I’ve since learnt that, worn the right way, bigger clothes can be a real fashion statement on voluptuous figures. One of my favourite fashion pieces is a vintage Burberry man’s coat that billows around my body, especially when I’m wearing a skirt or dress underneath with heels. Cropped coats and jackets can also compliment voluptuous bodies, especially in a bigger size.
the right neckline can really elevate your look and frame your bust in the best wayINSTAGRAM / DELILAHDENNETT
  • Tight clothes – again, tight tops can really suit busty individuals, but just make sure it fits you right. Case in point – I once bought a V-neck top from Melville and Brandy thinking that their one-size-fits-all policy would accommodate my bigger breasts. How wrong I was. Instead of sitting comfortably at my bust, the neck of the top was too far from my chest, meaning my breasts jutted out rather suddenly from under the fabric. The moral of the story? Make sure the clothes fit.
  • Be careful of the fabric – in the past, I’ve bought clothes where the fabric was a little thin. When I tried them on, I ended up showing a lot more than I had anticipated. A nipple cover can easily resolve this problem, but if, as was the case with me, the nipple cover just ends up popping out of the fabric regardless, it might be better just to opt for less translucent fabrics.
  • Finding the perfect neckline – this was something I thought little about before, but the right neckline can really elevate your look and frame your bust in the best way. Deep V necklines can also accentuate big busts, but again, make sure that the clothes fit your figure first.
  • Understand and dress for your body – the most important advice of all. For years, I wore uncomfortable clothes that were not made for my body shape, trying to contort myself in shapes and sizes that I simply didn’t fit into. Now that I better understand my body, I no longer fight against my natural shape. If you take one thing away from this article, it’s this principle of dressing for yourself and your body.


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The best lingerie brands for DD+ bras:

  • Savage X Fenty – I’m still a little salty that they don’t stock my size, but kudos to Rihanna for designing such a gorgeous line of lingerie made with diverse body shapes in mind. The brand offers a subscription service for £49 a month, giving subscribers access to generous discounts on an array of nightwear, lingerie, underwear and bras. Whatever you’re feeling, Savage x Fenty has got you.
  • ASOS curve line – after hearing so much hype about this line, I knew I had to try it for myself. They stock everything from every-day bras to gorgeous lingerie made for larger busts in mind.
  • Figleaves – my go-to favourite for sexy lingerie. This is also the first brand where I have been able to get matching underwear and bra sets from – the joys of discovering a brand that can accommodate to your size! Their sportswear bras also support larger breasts during high-intensity workouts.
  • Bravissimo – the first bra brand I used that fitted my bust! Although I would not go to Bravissimo for sexy lingerie, I do love their playful designs and bright colours. Their bras are well-known for being very supportive and perfect for every-day wear.