The bare necessitiesAmazon and ASOS

Waking up every morning and facing the prospect of a day spent in the library can be depressing. It's a situation made worse by the knowledge that you probably haven't done your laundry for ages and the only clothes within reach of the comfort of your bed are the same ones you had on yesterday. But, thankfully, I have found all the necessary items to get in now, before the going gets tough, so that you can rock up to your revision cave looking and feeling fab.

Active Wear

This girl is smiling through the pain in her funky sports kit, available for £25 from ASOSASOS

Life hack time: all-day active wear doesn't have to mean you are actually exercising. Donning your sports gear can provide the aesthetic of hard work and dedication, and conveniently assuage any suspicion that you've really been binging Netflix in the library all day.

A Slanket

Envious? Don't worry, this beauty is readily available on Amazon for £29.99Amazon

While it might not strike you as on-trend, a slanket is guaranteed to make you the envy of every fellow all-nighter in the library. With the addition of a pocket on the front (which can both hold snacks and catch falling tears), you will never have to get up from your seat again.

Fake tan

An absolute necessity, this will last you at least the rest of term and you can pick it up for £13 from Boots. A nice revision break, no?Boots

Missed the sunny weather? Don't worry, you can buy the same effect in a bottle. Slap on some fake tan next time you get a minute to yourself and you can waltz through the book stacks looking bronzed and relaxed, no one need know you haven't seen real daylight for weeks.

Fifteen May Ball dresses

You have plenty of time to experiment with the *real* you by investing in all possible styles of dress(Left to right) Xenia Boutique, nvtg, Peekaboo vintage

All of which, you will inevitably send back. But, hey, the online shopping was good procrastination and you can make your friends think you're really on top of things.

A hat

Just give the side eye to anyone who questions your life choices, like this model sporting a hat available on ASOS for £14 ASOS

Haven't shampooed for five days now? Luckily, hats are a summer staple and – depending on your chosen style – can add edge and sophistication to your look. Heads will turn as you find your seat, but no one will know the truth.


Investing in an edgy pair of glasses will amplify their power. Like these, available on Etsy for £12Etsy

Eye bags are growing and dark circles intensifying, but wearing sunglasses 24/7 in the summer time is fortunately also a marker of style. Hungover? Sunglasses. Exhausted? Sunglasses. Been crying about your inevitable failure? Sunglasses. 

Hip flask bracelet

Most recently worn by Queen Rihanna herself at Coachella, this handy accessory can be easily worn into any library without a hint of suspicion. What better way to take the edge off that hardcore cramming than by slowly and secretly getting drunk?

Now you're in the know, what's left to worry about? If you've reached the end of this article, you've clearly got a hold of your procrastination. Exams will be a breeze

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