Uber’s taking a punt on punting, with Uber Boat

Don’t want to queue with a bunch of tourists for your punt? No worries, you can Uber it

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The über-cool way to drift down River CamLouis Ashworth

Showing off your punting skills isn’t enough? Outshine the biggest and most pretentious tourist punt by drifting down the Cam in an Uber.

And no, I don’t mean that someday your Uber driver might be so bad that they actually manage to drive into the river. Yesterday, Uber announced that punting trips in Cambridge will be available this bank holiday weekend, from 22nd to 24th August, via the Uber app.

Uber Boat (the completely original and extremely inspired name of this new venture) has received mixed reactions. The most common, based on my extensive research, seems to be simply the word “why”, followed by varying quantities of question marks.

Reacting to the news, some wondered how Uber’s stereotypical features would translate to the water. “Be interesting to see how a Prius floats,″ remarked one Twitter user.


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Uber’s taking a punt (pardon my pun(t)) on this, their latest expansion, with the support of established punting companies Tyrrell’s Punting Cambridge and Cambridge Punters, which will provide boats and chauffeurs.

The trip costs £10 for up to eight passengers – perhaps more expensive than your average college punt, but that’s Uber for you I guess. However it goes, I hope it’s an über-cool experience.