Fez to host Louis Theroux appreciation party

Get ready to party in honour of Britain’s greatest documentary maker

Ellie Mullett

This Friday Fez Club will be hosting a Louis Theroux appreciation party, organised by Propaganda.

Propaganda is an international club night, with 25,000 attendees every week around the globe; in Cambridge, Fez is the location of this night of indie hits and fun themes, which happens every Friday. However, despite Propaganda’s claim that they are the ‘biggest Friday night in Cambridge’, they seem to fall far behind student night rival Friday Life in the popularity stakes, with the latter suffering queues that have had hopeful attendees stuck in the cold for hours before they are able to enter the Waterstone’s basement and dance to the likes of Grease and Ed Sheeran. This Friday, however, may be the night to finally put Moroccan-themed Fez on the map.

Facebook: Fez Club Cambridge

Oxford-educated Theroux’s popularity has snowballed in recent years, and he has been hailed as a national hero after his latest documentary series, Dark States, with some fans even calling for him to be knighted. The broadcast journalist is also subject of a number of affectionate Facebook pages, including ‘No Context Louis Theroux’, ‘Louis Theroux Reactions’, and ‘Louis Theroux Memes’. Being honoured with a personal appreciation party in Cambridge is a first for Britain’s latest national treasure though.

Fez Club are offering £3 guest list queue jump, and drinks from £2.50, although as we all know, honouring Theroux is priceless. And to make up for the fact that the recently-voted Sexiest Man Alive will not be attending in person, Fez are offering hundreds of free Louis Theroux T-shirts, so everyone can get a bit of BBC Two’s best talent, something to bear in mind if you’re deliberating between shelling out £6 to get into Friday Life after two hours of queuing, or straying from routine and testing the lesser known waters of the Market Passage nightspot.


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While it remains unclear whether Theroux’s brother, Marcel, ever haunted the hallowed halls of Cindies while he studied English Literature at Clare College in the late eighties, we can be certain that Louis, the infinitely lovable yet self-defined “socially awkward nerd” (some may say he is the epitome of Oxbridge), is about to bring a whole new brand of club night to Fez