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CUSU Hustings, drunk edition – as it happened

Play along with our bingo cards as we cover the student politics highlight of the year!

Matt Gutteridge

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• A hustings blog, with a difference

• Play along by taking a shot each time you get a square on our bingo game

7:34pm The candidates wrap up what turned out to be a understated affair - only two ticks off the bingo card, no references to memes or a reading week, and a surprisingly restrained Chad Allen. I raise a parting drink to the three presidential candidates.

7:28pm In other news, we've noticed that our automatic timestamp is telling the wrong time. If your card says "technical issues", you know what to do

7:27pm Daisy Eyre mentions "constitutional change" three times in the same sentence, and that's followed up by a question from CUSU Council regular Louis Ashworth. Drinks now in free flow

7:15pm I was going to suggest introducing a new rule: 'drink every time it seems that Jack Drury hates CUSU'. Keir Murison beats me to it, however, and Drury's humorous reply raises enough laughter to spare me a bad joke penalty

7:13pm A flurry of 'engagement' and 'transparency' from all three candidates validates my fears. Multiple drinks in quick succession

7:10pm An audience member asks about student participation in CUSU. This could be a buzzword apocalypse...

7:07pm A very long audience question on the role of the DSO. Palpable relief on the faces of Keir Murison and Daisy Eyre as Jack Drury steps up to answer the question first. Palpable concern on my face as I realise that's another drink

7:04pm Jack Drury begins his answer to a question by bemoaning a lack of transparency, that's a drink for mentioning a CUSU buzzword - a list that now includes 'mandate' as the discussion turns to divestment and class lists

6:58pm Keir Murison also tries to open with a joke ... and moves swiftly on. I've already done my bingo shot, so I'll take a swig this time

6:55pm Jack Drury opens proceedings - and pledges to stand outside the Senate House with a Sharpie if he can't deliver an opt-out. It doesn't raise a snicker, so that's another shot, and I think I've seen it somewhere before...

6:52pm We're receiving reports that CUCA have just arrived, as the presidential candidates take centre stage. If red chinos appear on screen, take a drink

6:50pm Amatey Doku takes centre stage, and mentions constitutional reform, the first tick off my bingo card. 

6:41pm Ashworth is back in the limelight, this time acting for RON for the role of Disabled Students Officer - another big swig

6:38pm A disappointingly censored GU President Chad Allen has been featuring prominently in the questions so far. While we wait for him to be let off the leash, here's a new rule - drink two fingers for an inordinately long audience question

6:36pm If you haven't got a bingo card, try refreshing your page. If yours has 'technical difficulties' on it, that's an instant cross

6:35pm  A brief lull in the drinking while Women's Officer candidate Lola Olufemi sets out her platform. Discussion of feminist reading groups comes tantalisingly close a the first bingo shot of the evening - mentioning a reading week is on my bingo card

6:33pm Time for a top-up.

6:22pm Discussion about CUSU's publicity methods merits a couple of drinks for mentions of communication. To cap it off, the stream briefly freezes, earning another quick swig.

6:13pm Disclaimer number two: If you're interested in less boozy coverage of tonight's proceedings, do take a look at Varsity's more sensible (you might say more boring, I couldn't possibly comment...) live blog

6:13pm If you're playing along at home, please remember to drink responsibly. Disclaimer out of the way, we're currently racing our way through the uncontested positions. A first drink of the night for a spot of Varsity's very own ex-editor Louis Ashworth, who has been given the difficult task of advocating for RON for the role of Access Officer.

6:09pm Good evening, and welcome to Violet's alternative coverage of the CUSU election hustings. My name is Matthew Gutteridge and I will be playing my part in the democratic process by partaking in the CUSU Hustings Drinking Game. The rules (which can be found at the top of the page), are fluid, and may well adapt if things get too dull.

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