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Talk to anyone involved in Cambridge comedy back in February and the idea of performing to an empty ADC would strike fear into their very hearts - no live audience? No thank you. But with Boris’ lockdown enforced and Toope’s commitment to academic rigour meaning virtual classes delivered through the ~magical world~ of Zoom, we were forced to come up with new ways to create and put out content online.

But what to do now that the masses have returned to Cambridge and we’ve all forgotten how to interact socially? Working on a Week 1 show is often manic enough without the added difficulties a pandemic poses on meeting and rehearsing in-person. Much like the move towards #blendedlearning we’ve all come to know and love (pronounced h-a-t-e), many of the casts’ writing sessions were shifted online. But boy, have the cast of Sinners risen to the challenge.

“a saucy, spicy, slightly sexy character comedy show”

This character comedy show from the mind of third year Footlight Agnelle Groombridge, is set to hit the ADC theatre this Wednesday 14th October at 11pm, bringing together four comedians and their wild monologues on one stage…whilst adhering to a safe, two metre distance at all times!! (Just out here making Matt Hancock proud). This original performance is a saucy, spicy, slightly sexy character comedy show about confessions, flaws and the surprising ways messiness manifests in our lives.

Behind the scenes vision mixing on the set of SinnersMaria Pointer

Being part of putting this show together has been hugely rewarding. Seeing the cast running through the material on the ADC stage for the first time in rehearsal brought out a whole new side to the characters we had so far only discussed and edited in a written format. Emily, Lotte, Libby and Robbie bring a vibrancy and energy to each and every one of their sketches that’s big enough to fill the (somewhat eerily) empty ADC theatre. There’s intrusive Janine, the dejected Post Grad, Gen Z’s answer to Adam and Eve and much, much more. The crazy, kooky characters they’ve brought to life are here to be laid bare to you, warts and all.

And if you’re still not convinced then I’ve got Seven Deadly (tenuous) reasons for you to grab your tickets NOW! (Prepare yourselves because these puns are downright sinful...)

“Well, I bet you’re lusting after some sweet, sweet humour”

It’s been six months since actual people have been on the actual ADC stage. Fills you with anger doesn’t it? Feeling wrathful? Well, I bet you’re lusting after some sweet, sweet humour. Forget the interval ice creams, you can watch the show next to, on top of or while cradling your very own fridge - time to get gluttonous and grab those snacks. Don’t be too greedy though - invite your household to watch with you and be proud that you’ve facilitated an evening of laughter and joy. But if socialising just isn’t for you and you’d rather be in bed, then guess what you can watch from the comfort of your very own duvet den - ultimate sloth mode. Tickets are only £4! £4 to have this much fun? It’s enough to make anyone envious.

So what are you waiting for - get those tickets. No live audience? No problem.

Tickets available on the ADC website here.