"For something delicious go see the Corpus late show"Ed Bankes

Edibles introduces us to the diverse and eclectic characters of the food industry, from the self-styled ‘bad cop’ at the Waitrose Deli counter to the fruitarian rummaging in your garden. Interwoven with deadpan voice overs (me and a vegetarian friend were particularly hysterical at the “meats plainer” piece), Edibles draws together individual sketches to create a star baker of a show.

I wasn’t sure of what to expect from the food themed production (that is, apart from slightly wishing the food in hall had been better that night), but from the opening act which burst onto stage with frenzied egg-smashing enthusiasm the show was a funny and wonderful ride.

Highlights included the alcoholic wine tasters who appeared more and more dishevelled as they stumbled into each scene and made some impressive deductions on the chosen wine’s mysterious flavours from “oaky overtones” to “I’m getting milk, I’m getting tampons”. Clutching their bottles they made a perfect duo and convinced us of the delights of the corner shop over the Vineyard. Likewise the furious Ice Cream self-service attendant was a triumph. Her blistering stare and bouncer stance proved a favourite, though I did breathe a sigh of relief to escape the audience participation.

Somehow the overarching theme prevents it from feeling like a disparate sketch show. Each piece is highly individual and sometimes absurdly hysterical, laden with puns and impressively musical. Yet the show manages to link each sketch with the help, of course, of the comic voice over and the music which accompanies it.

“From barbecued guinea pigs to tea loving Lizards, the show does not fear crossing into the bizarre”

Edibles creates a large, peculiar world inhabited by brilliant characters who reappear as a unified team at the end. By this point the Lizard has boldly come to terms with his identity, to the celebratory applause of the crowd, and the world of the food industry – from production, to sale, to tasting – comes full circle.

Fittingly, the final piece was the crème de la crème of the show. A smooth segue launches us into an emotional, passionate and undeniably lustful song for the domestic Goddess herself. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that this isn’t available to download; I know I’d be singing it repeatedly for days.

Ania Magliano-Wright’s Edibles is light and silly and will leave you feeling uplifted. Despite a few lines being stumbled over the cast managed to adapt around the slip ups and even draw more laughter. This was likely first night jitters that would be easily ironed out. Additionally, part of the fun is the easiness of the humour and the almost improvised style.

For something delicious go see the Corpus late show (paired exquisitely with Van of Life afterwards)

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