Cambridge’s first and second frisbee teams after the regionalsStrange Blue

Cambridge University’s indoor men’s frisbee team reached the first division of the national championships last week (13/11).

The team that calls themselves “Strange Blue” finished runners-up in their regional tournament in Hounslow after a 9–3 defeat to UCL II in the final, despite beating UCL I in the semi-final.

Indoor ultimate frisbee is played with five players on each team; the objective is to catch the frisbee in the end zone.


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This World Cup should not be happening

Zaid Mathieson, Amrit Hingorani, Ben Morris, and captains Valentin Imbach and Seb Balch all impressed for Cambridge in the regional tournament.

The national championships first division will be played 11–12 February 2023 in Motherwell. Loughborough and Sheffield are favourites for the title.

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