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Join Varsity for today’s (7/3) announcement of the Boat Race 2022 Cambridge and Oxford crews at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, London.

  • Women’s Blue boat: (c) Jasper Parish, (s) Imogen Grant, (7) Grace Prendergast, (6) Sarah Portsmouth, (5) Bronya Sykes, (4) Ruby Tew, (3) Paige Badenhorst, (2) Caoimhe Dempsey, (b) Adriana Perez Rotondo.
  • Men’s Blue boat: (c) Charlie Marcus, (s) Ollie Parish, (7) James Bernard, (6) Tom George, (5) Ollie Wynne-Griffith, (4) Simon Schürch, (3) George Finlayson, (2) James Hunter, (b) Luca Ferraro.
  • Oxford also announced their Men’s and Women’s crews.
  • Want more Boat Race content? Read our interview with Cambridge’s Sarah Portsmouth and CUBC President Bronya Sykes.


Thank you for joining Varsity this morning from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London! Stay tuned for more Boat Race content, including hearing from today’s selected rowers, in the coming days.


Both crews will now dig in for a critical four weeks of training before the 76th Women’s and 167th Men’s Boat Races on Sunday 3rd April.


And there we have it! The two Cambridge crews have been announced and now pile out for media photos on the hotel balcony.


Peterhouse emerges a powerhouse in the Blue boat lineup, appearing four times with Parish, George, Wynne-Griffith, and Finlayson. Meanwhile, Bernard and Schürch row out of St Edmund’s, and Marcus, Hunter, and Ferraro are at Trinity, St Catharine’s, and King’s respectively.


Cotter wraps things up on stage, marking an official end to the crew announcements.


Both crews now exit the stage, looking calm and collected.


“You've got to be able to make a fast crew and imprint it on the river,” explains Baker.


CUBC Men’s Coach Rob Baker, along with Oxford’s Sean Bowden, takes to the stage to comment on his crew.


The Oxford men boast a heavier overall weight, standing at 821kg compared to Cambridge’s 785.4kg.


Cambridge’s coxswain will be CUBC Men’s President Charlie Marcus, steering for the second time after last year’s victory on the Tideway.


Ollie Parish will row at stroke. Weighing in at 91.2kg with a cheeky smile on his face.


James Bernard, who rowed for Goldie last year, takes the seventh seat for his debut Blue race. He weighs in at 97.6kg.


The erg beast, Tom George, will sit in the sixth seat at 94.6kg. A fellow Team GB medallist alongside Wynne-Griffith.


Team GB medallist Ollie Wynne-Griffith takes the five seat, weighing in at 96.8kg.


Simon Schürch takes the four seat, standing at 84.2kg. A warm handshake with his Oxford opposite number.


George Finlayson takes the three seat, weighing in at 98.2kg.


Hunter is one of the most experienced rowers here.


Out of retirement, former Olympian James Hunter will occupy the two seat, standing at a dead-on 78kg.


At the bow seat, Luca Ferraro. He weighs in at a strong 88.6kg.


Cotter retakes to the stage, as the men’s announcement is underway.


The Oxford women donned their usual serious faces, while Cambridge looked relaxed and ready.


Newnham is well represented in this year’s boat, with three athletes from the college. Queens’ then appears twice in the form of Kiwi pair Prendergast and Tew, while Clare, Trinity, Gonville & Caius, and Magdalene all appear once.


The Women’s Blue boat is identical to the one that took on Leander “A” yesterday (6/3).


The two women’s crews now depart, as we prepare for the men’s announcement after a short break.


Last but not least, Jasper Parish will command the Blue boat from the cox seat.


At the stroke seat this year will be Team GB Olympian and seasoned CUBC rower Imogen Grant.


Grace Prendergast, who competed at the Rio Olympics and took gold and silver more recently at Tokyo, will occupy the seventh seat.


Working our way towards the back of the boat, Sarah Portsmouth takes the six seat, as she returns after winning the 2021 Race at the two seat.


Returning Blue and CUBC Women’s President is selected for the fifth seat.


Kiwi Olympian takes the four seat - not a bad way to celebrate her birthday!


Paige Badenhorst will sit in the third seat for Cambridge.


Caoimhe Dempsey will take the two seat on the Tideway - her first time in the Blue boat.


Adriana Perez Rotondo returns to the bow seat.


The women’s crews for the 67th Boat Race will be announced first.


For those of you just joining, the crew announcement is about to commence, hosted by sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter.


“Put simply, you’re awesome,” says Halliday on the rowers.


Blair Halliday, Head of UK, Gemini, is now delivering a brief speech on the stage, celebrating the work of those who have made the return to the Championship Course this year possible.


Senior: “The power of sport to bring people together and change lives feels important now more than ever.”


“It's our ambition to build public consciousness of the Boat Race,” says Senior.


Boat Race Company Ltd Chair Tim Senior is currently on the stage, paying tribute to the dedication of student athletes from both Cambridge and Oxford.


Student athletes have been training for the Race since September 2021, which has included Trial VIIIs and, more recently, club fixtures. Cambridge University Boat Club’s (CUBC) Men clashed with Oxford Brookes “A” on the Championship Course yesterday (6/3), while the Women challenged Leander “A”.


This year’s crews will include Olympians, Senior and Junior World Champions, along with athletes who boast younger rowing careers. Cambridge’s squad sees ten colleges represented compared to Oxford’s fourteen, while eleven different nationalities appear across the two squads combined.


Good morning from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, London, where Varsity sits tight to hear both the Cambridge and Oxford crews for this year’s Boat Race!