The two sides faced each other in last season’s Cuppers final, where Fitzwilliam won 1-2Levente Koroes

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Join Varsity for all the latest coverage and photos from the Cuppers football 2nd Round match between Homerton I and Fitzwilliam I.

  • Fitzwilliam beat Homerton 6-1 to win the 2nd Round Cuppers fixture and progress to this year's quarter final
  • A crowd of at least 150 people braved the weather to fiercely support their respective teams
  • Read Varsity's pre-match briefing to learn about the history of the rivalry and hear what both sets of captains had to say before the match


The full match report is now live! Thank you very much for following along with Varsity today!


An in-depth match report will be coming out later this evening. But in the meantime, thank you for tuning in to Varsity, and it's goodbye from Liam, Scarlett, Tom, and Levente!


Homerton will be disappointed with the result for obvious reasons, but were ultimately a team stricken by injuries across the field


As spectators pile out of the ground, Fitzwilliam walk away with bragging rights once again, progressing to the quarter-final of this year's Cuppers tournament

9:34pm Full-time: 6-1

Fitz emerge triumphant, as the referee blows for time


Lance Burn catches a harmless Sonny McPherson free-kick for the last play of the game


Homerton goal ruled out for offside after providing a short-lived flash of jubilation for a resilient home crowd


Lumi Kanwei in the middle is pure class - enough said


The game is descending into wayward passes, as both sides look to be suffering from fatigue, marking an end to Homerton's period of attacking supremacy


A brief stoppage in play comes from Homerton keeper Liam Matthews suffering from a recurrent elbow injury. Lance Burn replaces him in the net


Nwuba ultimately had little to work with up top, often finding himself battling away against two or three Fitz defenders


Kosi Nwuba comes off after an admirable performance up top - Mark Frazer on for the remainder of the half


Goal-line clearance from Fred Sayer to scoop away a soft chance from Sonny McPherson, after Liam Matthews failed to claim a high cross


Liam Matthews comfortably deals with Tom Randall's free-kick effort


Keeper Liam Matthews makes an exciting double save to deny Fitz a goal, but the visitors now find themselves with a free-kick chance on the edge


Funto Coker drags a long shot wide, as Homerton continue their opportunistic style of football


Louie Roberts, who scored a brilliant free-kick last week, drills his effort just wide of the left post. Score remains 1-6


Kosi Nwuba draws the foul after battling away against Cavan Farrow - free-kick in a promising position for the home side


A clan-like cry of "Hoooooom" suddenly consumes the field - still no goooaalll for Homerton though


Homerton hit the crossbar! Kosi Nwuba lets one rip following a sweet pass from Jack Wilson-Smith. The hosts are enjoying a lively burst of chances


Cyprian Kucaj forces a second save in quick succession from Josh Douglas, as the visitors are beginning to let the home side through


A brief quiet spell is abruptly ended by a well-struck half-volley by Homerton's Kosi Nwuba, saved well by Fitz's Josh Douglas


Cyprian Kucaj and his fresh set of legs are injecting some much-needed pressure into the game for Homerton. The crowd are screaming his name with joy


Homerton's Vadim Bakatin is now enjoying greater attacking licence in midfield, looking to play in substitute winger Cyprian Kucaj but to no avail so far


Fitz goal disallowed for offside - yet another warning sign for Homerton


Sonny McPherson marauds down the line before being forced out for a goal-kick. Fitz are controlling this game with ease


Kosi Nwuba and Funto Coker are trying to work a chance, but Fitz's defence stands strong


Olamide Ogunnaike nearly makes it seven, just dragging his shot wide of the Homerton net. The hosts can't catch a break

8:45pm 1-6 to Fitz

And within minutes of play beginning again, Tom Randall makes it 1-6 to Fitz from the spot


The second half begins


Fitz are first out of the changing rooms, eagerly ready to get the second period of action under play


As for Fitz, they'll look for more of the same in the second half


The first half was fairly even in terms of possession, but Fitz simply had the quality in areas that Homerton didn't. Looking ahead to the second 45, Homerton will hope to squash the dangerous playmaking of Fitz co-captains Sonny McPherson and Tom Randall if they stand any chance of getting back into the game


Now it's officially half-time! Fitz 1-5 up

8:25pm Fabulous five for Fitz

Tom Randall's effort is blocked by the wall yet cruelty falls to Harry Houillon, who taps it in to make it 1-5


Louie Roberts concedes a free-kick in a dangerous position - Fitz's Tom Randall steps over it


Top-draw last-ditch tackle from Homerton captain Joe Lockhart to deny Harry Houillon a chance on goal


False alarm - not half-time, just an unexplained stoppage in play! We continue


Half-time whistle blows with Fitz 1-4 to the good


Homerton almost find a way through with Haeden Johnson after a beautiful drilled pass from Louie Roberts, but Fitz defence see it out for a goal-kick


Penalty claims ring around the ground after Homerton's Kosi Nwuba falls in the box. No decision made on what was an unconvincing claim


Despite Fitz's dominance, the Homerton faithful remain vocal with "It's Coming Hom"


Outrageous skill in the middle from Kanwei to get the better of Haeden Johnson - Fitz are now well and truly winning the midfield battle


Fitz are really looking comfortable on the ball now, with the hosts having little choice but to dig in and hope

8:11pm Fitz up 1-4

Lumi Kanwei secures his hat-trick and Fitz's fourth! Following some smooth link-up with Jed Odagbub, Kanwei lets rip from just outside the box and fires low past Homerton keeper Liam Matthews


Homerton are really trying to force things through Jack Wilson-Smith down the left. Fitz are hanging on


Jack Wilson-Smith fires one just wide of the Fitz goal, concluding a decent segment of build-up play from the hosts, who look to answer back quickly

8:04pm Fitz make it 1-3

Sonny McPherson overlaps Olamide Ogunnaike to get the better of Homerton's Jack Wilson-Smith before cutting back for Harry Houillon to bury one top right


Tom Randall, Sonny McPherson, and Olamide Ogunnaike are creating down the right for Fitz


Fitz's Tom Randall loops one into the back post, but no attacker is there


A speculative effort from Funto Coker sails over the bar, but the Homerton midfield are starting to string together some promising passes


Some brilliant link-up play between Harry Houillon and Olamide Ogunnaike ends in offside, but looks like a dangerous partnership going forward


Tom Randall delivers a floating free-kick into the box in search of a Fitz head, but ends with Liam Matthews claiming well


After starting with playing out from the back, Homerton have now reverted to lumping balls up to the strong presence of Kosi Nwuba with limited success


Homerton's Haeden Johnson and Jack Wilson-Smith are forming a promising partnership down the left-hand side, as they take advantage of McPherson's straying into the middle


Sonny McPherson is dictating play for Fitz from the right-back position


Kosi Nwuba forces a save from Fitz's Josh Douglas following an excellent through ball

7:51pm Fitz make it 1-2

Lumi Kanwei buries the penalty with ease, as keeper Liam Matthews is only able to get a finger on the shot


And just like that, the ref has awarded yet another penalty, after Homerton captain Joe Lockhart clumsily brings down Fitz's Olamide Ogunnaike in the box


Fitzwilliam look rattled after their early mistake, struggling to get a strong grip on their game as they so usually do


The hosts are finding success in playing across their five-back


Homerton midfielder Haeden Johnson is dominating the Fitz midfield, slipping in Kosi Nwuba for what ended in a blocked effort

7:44pm Homerton equalise for 1-1

Louie Roberts bangs the spot kick into the top left, bringing the hosts back into the game after just moments of being down


And now at the other end, Fitzwilliam have just conceded a penalty. End-to-end stuff!

7:42pm Fitz make it 0-1

Danger-man Lumi Kanwei opens the scoring for the visitors in under just five minutes


Homerton deal with the corner well and now look to play out from the across the back


Fitzwilliam attacker Jed Odagbu tests Homerton's defence early, forcing a corner from Rony Chowdhry


Fitzwilliam get the game underway - we're in for a tasty affair!


Both teams are just switching sides, as today's referee Matt Haslett looks to get the game underway shortly


We're now moments away from kick-off, as supporters continue to pile into the ground.


Fitzwilliam’s starting eleven (4-2-3-1): Josh Douglas (GK), Codrin Moisoi, Cavan Farrow, Tom Willock, Sonny McPherson (CC), Cassidy Ashworth, Tom Randall (CC), Lumi Kanwei, Jed Odagbu, Olamide Ogunnaike, Harry Houillon


Homerton’s starting eleven (5-1-3-1): Liam Matthews (GK), Torres Ng, Rony Chowdhry, Fred Sayer, Joe Lockhart (C), Jack Wilson-Smith, Funto Coker, Louie Roberts, Vadim Bakatin, Haeden Johnson, Kosi Nwuba


Fitzwilliam, on the other hand, are taking the league by storm, racking up four wins from four and scoring 24 goals. They received a BYE in the 1st Round, making this their first game of the tournament.


Homerton come into this evening’s game on the back of a 1st Round win over Downing, beating them 5-4 on penalties. However, their league form is worrying, as they currently sit bottom of the top division with just one point from four games.


Welcome to Varsity’s coverage of the Cuppers 2nd Round fixture between Homerton I and Fitzwilliam I, live from the new Homerton Sports Ground on Long Road! We’re looking forward to bringing you all the latest developments this afternoon as they happen, with the match just under fifteen minutes away.