Five trophies associated with The Boat Race will form part of a public exhibition for the first time in the event’s historyMichael Jones/The Fitzwilliam Museum

The Boat Race Company Ltd. today (05/11) announced the display of the Men’s and Women’s Boat Race trophies at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

For the first time in the history of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, five trophies associated with the Battle of the Blues will go on public display in the Courtyard of The Fitzwilliam Museum from 9th November 2021 until 27th March 2022.

The trophies include: the current Men’s Blue Boat Race Trophy (the Aberdeen Asset Management ‘Quaich’), the current Women’s Blue Boat Race Trophy (the Newton Trophy), the original Women’s Blue Boat Race Trophy (the Francombe Cup), The current Men’s Reserve Boat Race Trophy (the Goldie-Isis Cup), and the current Women’s Reserve Boat Race Trophy (the Blondie-Osiris Cup).

Until now, the two Blue Boat trophies resided in the offices of sponsors and were only brought out on Race Day, but last year it was decided that responsibility for safe storage of the trophies between Boat Races should be passed to the winning University. With Cambridge University Boat Club (CUBC) winning both the Men’s and Women’s Races back in April (04/04), the chance to present both trophies side by side materialised.

Tim Senior, The Boat Race Company Ltd. Chair, commented on the announcement: “Aside from being the rewards for immense sporting endeavour, the Boat Race trophies are beautiful works of art in themselves. We are very pleased that they will be on public display within The Fitzwilliam Museum for the first time and would like to thank Museum Director Luke Syson, Applied Arts Keeper Dr Victoria Avery, and their team for making this display possible”.

He added: “We hope this exhibition will appeal to a wide range of people who will be able to see these trophies, learn more about The Boat Race, and discover how much sport and art have in common”.

Cambridge University Director of Sport Nick Brooking also said: “When we were made aware that the Boat Race trophies needed a new home, we were keen to find somewhere that they could not just be kept secure but also viewed by the widest possible number of people”.

He continued: “We were delighted when our colleagues at The Fitzwilliam Museum reacted so positively to our request for help and have added their professional expertise to make sure the trophies now shine brilliantly and also to tell the story around them”.


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New research conducted by Dr Avery gathers together for the first time information about how the trophies were commissioned, who made them, and the significance of their decorative elements. Speaking on the upcoming exhibition, Avery said: “The Boat Race is an annual sporting highlight for millions, but very few people have ever had the chance to see the winners’ trophies up close. And even fewer realise that the Blue Boat trophies are actually significant examples of contemporary British silver”.

She concluded: “I am thrilled that this year’s double Cambridge Blue Boat victory has given The Fitzwilliam Museum a unique opportunity to display both trophies side by side. For the first time in Boat Race history, people will be able to see for themselves just how beautiful these iconic trophies are, and appreciate all the skill and thought that has gone into their design and making”.

Further information on the exhibition and visiting details can be found here.