McCarron, pictured centre, crossed the finish line over a minute ahead of runner-up Ralf BodamerJames Hislop/JamesHislopPhotography

On Sunday morning (29/08), Cambridge student Luke McCarron was victorious at the 2021 Triathlon Ireland National Aquathlon Championships, finishing with a time of 0:30:03 over the course of a 1km swim (0:13:07) and 5km run (0:16:07).

Speaking after the race, McCarron stated: “I had to chase hard for the first lap of the run, but once I got into the lead it was just a case of holding on”. He continued: “The body felt good and the legs felt good so it was good overall”.

As a student-medic at Jesus College, McCarron has enjoyed considerable success whilst at the University. In 2018, he took home a bronze medal at the Ireland Sprint Triathlon National Championships. The following year, McCarron won the men’s race in the Varsity Triathlon, denying Oxford a clean sweep in all matches, while also triumphed in eight out of ten domestic races in the season.

McCarron is part of the University of Cambridge Athlete Performance Programme (UCAPP), joining eleven other student athletes as of the 2019-20 season. The initiative looks to help participants maximise their potential over the course of their time in academia, ensuring that academic and sporting ambitions are not compromised. Highly qualified and experienced staff provide physiotherapy and lifestyle support, alongside services in diet and nutrition, strength and conditioning, and sports psychology.


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On receiving support from UCAPP, McCaron explained: “For the first time it feels like the University is beginning to understand how important sports are to the life of its students and it is wonderful to see so many of the University’s top athletes thriving as a result”. He added: “I feel extremely fortunate to have them in my corner”. Various other UCAPP athletes have attained sporting achievements in recent months, notably Louise Shanahan competing in the women’s 800m event at the Tokyo Olympics.

Varsity congratulates Luke on his winning result.