LMBC rows back after bumping, with celebratory willow in their hair.Alexander Massie

In another eventful day on the Cam, the Lent Bumps continued their show of outstanding sportsmanship and tribulation, producing some surprising results.

M3 race which, having faced difficulties on Day 1 with weather and boats not clearing, once again stumbled in their plight to finish a race. After a boat failed to clear in time near Grassy Corner, M3 was forced to re-row after a short delay. Notably, Fitzwilliam gruellingly chased First and Thirds up the entire length of the reach, only to be unsuccessful in a bump.  First and Thirds should be admired for avoiding a bump over such a stretch, particularly given the physical toll of a rerun.

In sharp antithesis to M3 was a first-class W1 race which showed all boats digging deep. Jesus bumped Newnham by the Plough Pub in Fen Ditton, much to the excitement of spectators who crowd to this popular spot to watch. As a result, Jesus, after a very strong race, finished Day 2 with the headship position.


Mountain View

Lent Bumps Day 1: Rain, Hail and Chaos

M1 concluded Day 2 with a particularly exciting show. Caius, who started in headship position, had a disappointing race with what appeared to be a seat dysfunction on 5.  As a result, they were swiftly bumped before First Post Corner by Lady Margaret Boat Club (LMBC), who took the headship. M1 and W1 will be racing again on Thursday, along with M2 and W2 divisions who have a rest day on Day 2.  

After such an exciting day of Bumps, spectators should not be surprised to find many of the rowers decorated in willow on the river. Bumping boats flaunt their success on the way back to the boathouses with strips of willow taken from the bankside.

For those who have not yet made it to the Cam to watch a race, it would be a shame to miss such a Cantabrigian event steeped in so many bizarre traditions. Races run every afternoon until Saturday and make an exciting break from the dreariness of Week 7.

For more information on race times and results, check the CUCBC website.