Conditions were less than ideal for the biggest rowing competition of the Lent TermAngus Parker

Day one of Lent Bumps saw re-rows, crashes, and cold weather as crews battled each other and the elements for supremacy on the river Cam. The first day does not see any action from the top division for both men and women, but the day was nevertheless devoid of plenty of action.

The first news of the day was that Selwyn M2 had their entry scratched before even starting due to a failure to meet safety requirements. As a result, Trinity Hall M3, the fastest non-qualifiers from last Friday's Getting-On race, were drafted in as a last minute replacement.

In that very same M4 Division the first bump of the academic year was secured by Wolfson, whose M2 crew caught Downing M3 just before reaching First Post Corner. A rather unusual line by the St Catharine’s M3 crew saw it caught by one of two Caius crews in the Division at Grassy, as Caius M3 moved up and away from their M4 counterparts who will chase St Catharine’s tomorrow. A further two bumps were brought forth by the first Division of Lents with the replacement Trinity Hall M3 scoring a technical bump on Pembroke M3, disqualified for a violation of substitute rules, and Hughes Hall M2 catching Queens’ M4, the first of a number of disappointing rows for the Silver Street College.

The sparsely populated W4 division, containing only six crews, offered up two bumps as Sidney Sussex W2 caught Queens’ W3 and Homerton W2 was likewise reeled in by Emmanuel W3. Lucy Cavendish W2 and Pembroke W3 were forced to row over leisurely in the top and bottom positions in the Division.

The first women’s Division with a full complement of crews, W3, was next under starter’s orders and offered up a boatload of chaos and excitement. King’s W2 and St Catharine’s W2 both secured bumps in a veritable melting pot that was First Post Corner. First and Third W2 were also bumped, however the greatest concern was for their captors, Jesus W3, who appeared to row into the bank at speed following the concession at Ditton Corner. Likewise Lady Margaret W3 secured a bump on Clare W3 at Grassy. Finally, it appeared that Lucy Cavendish W2, sandwich boat owing to its position atop the W4 Division, secured a bump on Murray Edwards W3.

All divisions except the top men's and women's were in action on the first dayAngus Parker

M3 Division was perhaps the liveliest of all the Divisions that competed on the opening day. A re-row resulting from carnage at the foot of the table. Jesus M3 were quick to bump Churchill M2, but confusion reigned behind. An ever brisker bump from Clare M3 on Peterhouse M2 saw the river blocked in its entirety, leading to the Chief Umpire deciding on a re-row between Fitzwilliam M2 and King’s M2, however King’s all-guns-blazing attempt to catch Fitzwilliam in the opening two minutes drew only admiration, rather than material reward in the form of a bump. Higher in the division, yet more confusion reigned as a crab from St Catharine's caused a five-boat pileup, resulting in technical row overs being granted to Magdalene M2, LMBC M3, and Trinity Hall M3.

W3 Division saw a second crash of the day, with Selwyn W1 crashing out on the Long Reach gifting Darwin W1 the simplest of bumps. Fitzwilliam W1 secured the bump highest up the Division, chasing down Peterhouse W1 who were no match for the speed of King’s W1. Two further bumps were forthcoming in the final women’s Division of the day as Wolfson W1 caught Pembroke W2 and Hughes Hall W1 produced a strong performance as the sandwich boat to catch Christ’s W2.


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The final Division of the day provided convention and chaos. The top five boats in the Division rowed over, but Darwin M1 secured an over-bump courtesy of navigational errors by a Downing crew exposed by St Edmund's M1 catching Clare M2. First and Third M2 also secured their first bump of Lents, catching Homerton, while Hughes Hall M1 secured a bump on Pembroke M2 around Ditton Corner.

Results are liable to change from the above. At time of writing CUCBC is yet to release confirmed results from the day’s racing. Day 2 of Lent Bumps will see a first outing for the M1 and W1 divisions, as M2 and W2 take a day off.

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