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When someone you know loses a loved one, it’s appropriate to send or hand deliver a funeral sympathy gift. You want this gift to be unique, memorable, appropriate, and welcomed by the recipient – but with so many potential options, it’s sometimes hard to make the right decision.

One of the most unique sympathy gift options available is a 3D laser photo crystal – but what exactly is this gift and why is it so appropriate?

What Are 3D Laser Photo Crystals?

A 3D laser photo crystal is created with the help of a powerful laser, which can recreate any photo in a 3D, transparent crystal. Using this etching technique and modern software, designers and engineers can completely recreate any photo to highlight key features, add more depth, and genuinely give it a life of its own.

The finished product is a transparent crystal, in one of many different shapes, with a 3D image at the center of it, which can be viewed from multiple angles. Many people choose to display this finished piece with background lighting to illuminate the photo and create a more compelling visual effect. But it’s also possible to integrate this laser engraved crystal into other products, like keychains and other keepsakes.

Why 3D Laser Photo Crystals Make Such Great Gifts

Why are these 3D laser photo crystals such great funeral sympathy gifts?

·       Shape and display options. First, there are so many different options for the shape and nature of your display. You can choose to include this photo in a cube, a square, a heart, or almost any other shape you can imagine. Depending on your budget, you’ll likely have many different size options available as well. And when the core piece is finished, you can choose to display it in any number of different ways.

·       Personalization. Personalized gifts are superior to others, across all contexts. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with purchasing a funeral sympathy gift like a bouquet of flowers, a fruit basket, or a book that can help a person through the process of grieving, these gifts are things that could be given to anyone suffering an immediate loss. The photo crystal is customized with an actual photograph relevant to the deceased, making it completely personalized.

·       Uniqueness. The family members who have recently suffered this loss are probably receiving many funeral sympathy gifts. You want yours to be special. Again, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing something more traditional, but if you want your gift to have a unique aura about it, you’ll need to deviate from the norm.

·       A favorite photo. This is also an opportunity to bring new life to a favorite photograph. Now that we live in the age of smartphones, it’s likely that you have dozens, or even hundreds of excellent photos to choose from. You can immortalize a photo that completely encapsulates a person’s love, personality, interests, or character – and have it represent them for years, or even decades to come. Photos are one of the best ways to remember and honor people we’ve lost in the past, and a 3D laser photo crystal is arguably the perfect way to make such photos permanent and tangible.

·       Transparency and neutrality. Another advantage of this gift is that it’s transparent and, from an aesthetic perspective, neutral. The crystal itself is completely see-through, making it a good fit for almost any aesthetic style – and allowing it to be included for display in many different environments. No matter what tastes your recipient has, this gift can likely fit into their stylistic visions. It’s likely not going to clash with anything in its surroundings.

·       Lighting potential. You can choose whether or not to illuminate this laser crystal, and if you do choose to illuminate it, you can light it up with a wide variety of different colors. You may even be able to add a strobe or breathing effect to it. This provides your recipient with even more flexibility and display options.

·       Budget friendliness. If you’re looking for a funeral sympathy gift on a budget, 3D laser photo crystals can work perfectly. Even large, fully customized laser photo crystals are relatively affordable. And if money is tight, you can still buy a smaller one.

Choosing the Right Photo

One of the most important keys to success with this gift is choosing the right photo. Many people choose an individual photo of the deceased, but couple photos and group photos may also be appropriate. What’s important is that you choose a photo that most effectively honors the deceased and is relevant and interesting to the recipient.

Do this, and you’ll have a nearly perfect funeral sympathy gift.