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The ongoing proliferation of online gambling has pleased millions of fans all over the world, but one aspect most people seldom consider about this newfound positive legislation is the impact it could have on real-world casino resorts. Las Vegas, in particular, has been in the spotlight recently, with many wondering what the future holds in store now that so many people are turning to the digital realm to get their gambling thrills.

So, are casino resorts in Las Vegas under threat from the legalisation of online gambling? Let’s find out.

The rise of online gambling

To get a complete picture of how the legalisation of online gambling is impacting casinos on the Strip, let’s quickly go over what’s taking place in the iGaming sphere. In a word, online gambling is blowing up. Online casinos and mobile casinos are now some of the most visited sites on the web, and this growth is snowballing.

You may well ask why this is. Well, there are a few reasons. Perhaps the main reason is the convenience that the digital realm provides. You don’t have to travel, book accommodation or worry about amenities – you don’t even have to put one foot out of your door. This is a significant advantage, and it’s one of the main factors that influences the decisions of players.

Legalisation also plays a huge role. While gambling in general is still prohibited or restricted in most parts of the world, online casinos are playable almost anywhere. Even if a location completely bans online casinos, players can, in most cases, still play at online casinos hosted in other locations.

That all goes without mentioning the reduced costs of online casinos compared to heading to Las Vegas. You can easily spend over £1,000 on a weekend trip at Las Vegas when you include accommodation and food, whereas you can spend as little as a few pounds if you play online.

Online casinos have more than just a few notable advantages over real-life establishments, and as you are about to find out, this affects hotspots like Las Vegas in quite a few ways.

Impact on Vegas casino resorts

As you can tell, there are plenty of reasons why people may prefer to stick to online casinos instead of heading to Las Vegas. It’s easier, less stressful and much cheaper. So, you’d expect to see tourist numbers in Las Vegas dwindle, right? Well, not necessarily.

Most of the top Vegas casinos are still just as successful as they used to be before online gambling blew up – in fact, some of them are even more popular. Many people theorise that online gambling could actually benefit hotspots like Las Vegas. People who would never have gambled before are more willing to try online casinos, and once they get a taste, they may want to get the full experience at places like Vegas.

Because of this, it’s hard to actually decipher whether or not online gambling is a boon or a detriment for casino havens like Las Vegas.

The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle. Some people who may once have gone to Las Vegas may now prefer to stay at home to get their gambling thrills, while others who would have never considered going to Vegas may now entertain the idea.

This could change in the future as technology improves. If online casinos are able to replicate everything that real-world establishments are able to offer, through advanced virtual reality or artificial intelligence, Vegas and other casino hubs may suffer. But for now, it seems like any negative effects are minimal.

The unique appeal of Las Vegas

Something that is worth mentioning is that Las Vegas isn’t like other casino hotspots. Vegas isn’t just the sum of its parts – it represents freedom, fun and unbridled indulgence. Most people don’t just go to Vegas for its casinos. Sure, that’s a big reason, and almost everyone tries out a casino when they go. However, this isn’t the main draw. If it was, people would just go to their local casino instead of spending thousands to get to Vegas.

No, Vegas is special. In all reality, it is highly likely that the legalisation and proliferation of online gambling has had a negative impact on other casino hotspots. This is because when someone who gambles online wants to get the full experience, they want to go to Vegas – not to London or Venice, both of which have many incredible casinos. Only Vegas.

This puts Las Vegas in a unique position where no amount of “good” technology will make a dent in its popularity. Most gamblers are still more than willing to put up with all the extra hassles that come with travelling to go to Vegas – many even enjoy the extravagance and adventure that comes with the outing.

In this way, the positives of online casinos almost become redundant. If people enjoy the process of travelling, spending large amounts of money, and all the other things that come with heading to Vegas, the growing iGaming sphere makes little to no difference.

For the time being, Las Vegas and online gambling can co-exist, perhaps even aiding each other’s development. This might not remain the case forever, but it’s hard to imagine a future where Vegas isn’t the gambling mecca of the world.


We hope we have been able to give you a better insight into whether or not the legalisation of online gambling is a threat to real-world hotspots such as Las Vegas. While it’s undeniable that the newfound popularity of online gambling will take away from the potential pool of players who would consider going to the Strip, there is little to no chance that Las Vegas will become obsolete.

Vegas resorts offer a completely different experience than online casinos. It’s not even about the casino games in most cases; it’s about the atmosphere, vibe and excitement. Real-world casinos will always have a place in this world (at least until hyper-realistic VR becomes mainstream), and the legalisation of online gambling isn’t going to change that.

Please gamble responsibly.