Edwards' election slogan is "Prosperitas. Unitas. Sandwichas. Dignitas"Milo4Cambridge

Today, campaigning was opened for the upcoming Cambridge University Students' Union (CUSU) election.

Amongst other campaigns that are being launched on Facebook, a fourth year management student, Milo Edwards, has begun a comical campaign for the position of CUSU President.

Edwards, who has previously been involved with the Cambridge Footlights Smokers, states on his campaign's Facebook event page that: "Milo realises the limits of CUSU's remit and is only planning policies that he feels are attainable."

His manifesto lists a series of satirical policies. Among these, "institut[ing] a network of canals, such that Cambridge will be known as 'The Birmingham of the Fens'", "Wider beds and more free condoms to promote the de-stressing benefits of sex" and "provid[ing] Freddos so we can relive the glory days when they were 10p" are all included.

In addition to these, his campaign states that "Milo will petition Cambridge to make a biopic about Eddie Redmayne, starring Professor Stephen Hawking."

In a campaign video, Edwards is pictured walking around Cambridge holding a pint and a cigarette talking about his policies.

"Milo knows all of the words to Candle in the Wind"Milo4Cambridge

This is not the first satirical campaign student unions have seen in recent years. 

Last year, Louis Trup, a geography student at the University of Oxford, ran as a joke candidate for the position of the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) President and was unexpectedly elected.

Trup ran on a "personifesto", deeming the term manifesto to be sexist, and included pledges to construct a monorail through Oxford and secure world peace. Similar to Edwards’ campaign, Trup also focused on the introduction of larger beds in all student accomadation.

Citing his penchant for wearing flip-flops in his election literature, Trup was elected by a a large majority, with 1685 votes compared with his main rival, Jane Cahill, with only 710 votes.

With regards to Edwards' campaign, Harry Stockwell, a second year student at Trinity, said: "I think this is quite funny, actually". 

However, Sareeka Linton, a third year student, thought the campaign was "indicative of a wider apathy towards CUSU".

The full list of nominations has not yet been made available on the CUSU website, despite campaigning officially getting underway at 7am this morning.