A leading member of Oxford’s answer to the Pitt Club has been detained after he purportedly assaulted a fellow student outside a nightclub on Thursday night.

Nick Green, an Old Etonian, was sporting his £1200 trademark Bullingdon Club tailcoat at the student night when police added a not-so-glamorous accessory: a pair of handcuffs.

The 22-year-old, who was described be his peers as ‘not the most well-liked of students’, is alleged to have seriously injured his victim for making a move on one of his previous love interests.

Green has not been charged over the incident.

Green’s actions have done nothing to redeem the Bullingdon Club’s tattered reputation after it was revealed last year that past members, David Cameron, Boris Johnson and George Osbourne, used to use the club’s reputation to get away with trashing restaurants then leaving big bundles of cash to cover the damage.

Green is a fourth-year engineer at University College, who featured in Tatler’s 2009 list of the ‘200 sexiest singles’ purely on the merit of his family lineage and Oxford reputation.

“The Pitt Club gets its fair share of eye-rolls here in Cambridge, but at least anything we’re involved with is only worthy of local hearsay,” one Pitt Club-member, who elected to remain anonymous, pointed out to Varsity. “I’d be frankly embarrassed to be associated with the Bullingdons though.”

However, Oxford’s shame is to Cambridge’s credit. The media attention will surely draw in the crowds to this week’s mainshow at the ADC Theatre: the second ever production of Posh – a drama inspired by the reckless actions of the Oxonian social elite.

Posh is of huge social relevance for all of us, and performing it in Cambridge, just a minute’s walk from the Pitt Club, has a certain irony that makes this something very special,” recognised director, Joshua Stamp-Simon.

The Bullingdon Club claims to have been founded in 1780, originally as a hunting and cricket club. Meanwhile, the Pitt Club was founded in 1835 and has become associated with more humble aristocratic pastimes such as access to the Pizza Express beneath their headquarters…