We aim to nurture new talent, offering a working environment that can prepare you for the world of journalism beyond CambridgeVarsity Archives

Applications to join Varsity’s editorial team in Michaelmas 2024 are now open. Apply to join our leadership team or edit a section in order to take your place at the beating heart of Cambridge’s current discourse and history.

Varsity is the oldest and only independent student newspaper in Cambridge, and one of only three in the UK. We hold institutions to account, representing the interests of students with integrity, ambition, and a creative edge.

This tradition, which began with the paper’s creation in 1947, has seen Varsity break many historical and discourse-shaping stories. In 1953, we reported on Watson and Crick’s discovery of the structure of DNA. In 2021, we revealed the university’s proposed £400m deal with the United Arab Emirates.

Varsity is, however, much more than just news. We have space for your opinions, interviews, and investigations, as well as room for you to express your tastes in fashion, music, or film and TV, and a section devoted to letting students have their say on the latest theatre productions in Cambridge.

With contributions from Amol Rajan to Charles III, Sylvia Plath to Jeremy Paxman, and Germaine Greer to J. G. Ballard, you have the opportunity to join an impressive lineage of journalists, writers, and creatives.

Most importantly, we are a training paper. We aim to nurture new talent, offering a working environment that can prepare you for the world of journalism beyond Cambridge, but is primarily social, collaborative, and encouraging.

In Michaelmas, Varsity will be producing 5 print newspapers. Join us for a busy, but exciting and rewarding term of student journalism.

The Editors-in-Chief of Varsity in Michaelmas term will be Alice Mainwood (aem224) and Grace Cobb (gc670). Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the application process or what it’s like to contribute to the paper.

Now is the ideal time to join Varsity.

How to apply

All applications must include:

  • Your full name, subject, year, and college.

  • The role (s) for which you would like to apply.

  • Whether you would be willing to consider other positions, if you are not offered your desired role (s).

  • Any other extracurricular commitments in Michaelmas term and the Christmas holidays

Please see the information below for specific details on how to apply for each role. Applications must be submitted to applications@varsity.co.uk by midday Friday 5th July.

Please note that applications to be a writer, columnist, photographer, or illustrator will open in due course.

Leadership team

The Deputy and Vulture editors each oversee a number of sections within the Varsity team.

If you wish to apply for these roles, please provide:

  • A critique and vision for your chosen side of the paper: what ideas do you have for next term? How will you ensure regular output on the website? (reference to specific sections is encouraged, 500 words max)

  • Any experience you have for the role, especially in regard to journalism, leadership, and management (300 words max)

  • Three ideas for the print content across your side of the paper (300 words max, feel free to include photos of previous setting you’ve liked in Varsity or elsewhere)

Feel free to include or link to any samples of your work, although this is not a requirement.

Deputy Editor

Overseeing the day-to-day running of the newspaper sections, Deputy Editors will be responsible for managing the regular publication of content to our website throughout term. As a line manager to various section editors, it will be the Deputy Editors’ responsibility to ensure that a high volume of good quality content is produced, and fact-checked. Deputy Editors will also be responsible for managing content for the newspaper, and for setting the paper alongside the rest of the leadership team. Applicants should be committed individuals with excellent time management and organisational skills. Experience within Varsity and a working knowledge of Adobe InDesign are requirements for the role. We are looking to recruit two Deputy Editors.

Vulture Editor

Overseeing the day-to-day running of the Vulture sections, Vulture Editors will be responsible for managing the regular publication of content to our website throughout term. As a line manager to various section editors, it will be the Vulture Editors’ responsibility to ensure that a high volume of good quality content is produced, and fact-checked. Vulture Editors will also be responsible for managing content for the newspaper, and for setting the paper alongside the rest of the leadership team. Applicants should be committed individuals with excellent time management and organisational skills, and an interest in Cambridge’s creative scene. Experience within Varsity and a working knowledge of Adobe InDesign are requirements for the role. We are looking to recruit two Vulture Editors.

We are also recruiting for two Visual Editors, one primarily covering photography, and one focussing on illustrations.

All applications for Visual Editor must include:

  • A critique of three articles from this academic year which could have been improved by photos or illustrations (300 words max)
  • Any experience you have for the role, especially in regard to photography/videography, illustration, leadership, and management (300 words max)

  • A short portfolio of your previous work (either photography or illustrations, depending on the role you are applying for)

Visual Editor

The Visual editors will lead our teams of photographers and illustrators, working on both our online content, and visual content for the printed newspapers. High quality visual content is essential for the success of the magazine, meaning that Michaelmas term is the ideal time to take on this role. They will work alongside the whole editorial team, and our Social Media manager, in order to create cohesive and striking visual designs across the paper. We are hiring one Visual Editor to manage photography, and one to oversee illustrations. Candidates are expected to make clear which role they would like to be considered for.

We are also looking for a Social Media Manager.

All applications for this role must include:

  • A critique of our current social media presence (300 words max)
  • Any experience you have for the role (300 words max)
  • 3 ideas for Instagram posts or stories (200 words max)

Social Media Manager

We are looking to recruit one Social Media manager, who will be tasked with developing Varsity’s presence on its social media platforms, through a wider range of posts and a more engaging visual style. The candidate must be experienced in publicity and communications, and be competent using visual editing tools. The role will involve spotlighting articles on our pages, posting weekly roundups of our output, and devising new ways to engage with our readership online. The candidate will be expected to have a range of innovative ideas to develop Varsity’s use of social media, as this will be a priority in Michaelmas term.

Section editors

Do you want to help shape one of Varsity’s sections and work closely with a range of contributors? Our section editors have the unique opportunity to push discussion and platform different conversations and perspectives. Section editors will commission, select and edit content for our website, while also having the opportunity to write pieces themselves. Section editors will also be responsible for managing and producing content for our print editions.

All applications for section editor must include:

  • Vision statement: Look through your chosen section’s output this last term. Detail what has been done well, and what needs improvement (300 words max)

  • Critique one article from the section: why didn’t it work? (200 words max)

  • Provide three article ideas for print or online next term (300 words max)

  • What will you look for in writer applications? How will you effectively select the best talent? (100 words max)

Newspaper roles:

News Editor

News is central to Varsity’s role within Cambridge, and the paper’s biggest section. It’s dynamic and fast-paced, responsible for covering Cambridge, its institutions, and the wider city in an timely and accurate manner. News editors need to be dedicated, proactive, and have a good eye for a story. News editors will be expected to lead the weekly news meetings at the Varsity office in order to discuss stories and that week’s news agenda.

Senior News Editor: The Senior News editors will lead a team of four Deputy News Editors and around fifteen news correspondents. They are responsible for shaping the news agenda, deciding what should (and should not) be covered and, crucially, how it should be covered – it’s a big responsibility. Senior News editors must equally commit to training correspondents and Deputy News Editors in news writing according to the in-house style. We are looking to recruit two Senior News editors.

Deputy News Editor: The role of Deputy News Editor is the perfect intermediary position for someone who wants to both write and edit. They will play an important mentoring role to their assigned news writers, but will also investigate their own leads to produce original and exciting copy. We are looking to recruit four Deputy News editors.

Investigations Lead: The Investigations Lead must have a nose for the untold story and a drive to work independently, tackling in-depth projects with the aim of uncovering important issues and holding Cambridge institutions to account. The Investigations Lead will primarily be expected to plan and produce a number of original investigations for our print editions.

Features Editor

The Features section of Varsity investigates Cambridge’s current state, and its history, with fresh eyes. Features should contain perspectives that readers wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. We’re looking for editors with a clear understanding of what makes Cambridge unique, and what is worthy of further interrogation. Features editors must be motivated individuals who can communicate clearly with a team of writers to help them build on their leads. They will be instrumental in the production of long-form features for the print editions, so must work well with deadlines. We are looking to recruit two Features editors.

Comment Editor

Comment is one of Varsity’s most popular sections. We want a Comment team who are passionate about discussing Cambridge’s key issues and understand the importance of seeking new perspectives and the development of clear, opinion-led tone. Comment editors will lead a team of columnists and staff writers and will be responsible for generating ideas, commissioning articles, and editing copy. Not all students see things the same way, so editors need to lead a balanced and diverse range of opinions. We are looking to recruit three Comment editors

Interviews Editor

Our Interviews editors hold a really exciting position within the paper, taking a key role in controlling the discourses in Cambridge. They often meet with and get the chance to talk to a diverse range of Cambridge alumni, as well as figures in the news, and those involved in the Cambridge landscape more broadly. Interviews editors should be able to discover new voices within our community, often working independently to organise and carry out interviews. We want someone who understands how to draw out an interesting story from a person or transcript. We are looking to recruit two Interviews editors.

Science Editor

Science editors should seek to bring students closer to Cambridge’s vibrant scientific community, reporting on new research and scientific exhibits in Cambridge, as well as features that offer interesting perspectives on issues in the student discourse. Editing the section provides a welcome creative escape, relating new stories or complicated problems in an accessible and engaging way. We are looking to recruit two Science editors.

Sport Editor

Sport is one of our busiest and most active sections, so editors are in a prime position to shape discussions around sport in Cambridge. Sport editors must be prepared to provide quick coverage on match reports, covering a wide and varied range of sports at different levels across the university. They also have the opportunity to interview the sporting stars of Cambridge, present and past. They will lead a team of correspondents and staff writers, pushing for diversified and exciting content for the section. We are looking to recruit three Sport editors.

Vulture roles:

Lifestyle Editor

The Lifestyle section should mix fun, down-to-earth, and relatable content with the personal and introspective, ensuring appeal to all students at Cambridge, and our broader readership. Editors must be quick, up-to-date with Cambridge events, and have a knack for sparking amusing conversations with our readership. From Agony Aunts to reviews, satire to personal columns, how-tos to please don’ts, Lifestyle is a diverse and engaging section. We are looking to recruit two Lifestyle editors.

Arts Editor

Arts editors have the luxury - and the responsibility - of engaging directly with the vibrant Cambridge arts scene. Whether reviewing the newest Cambridge exhibits or zines, interviewing up-and-coming creatives, or debating the best and worst of Cambridge architecture, the editors of this section must be able to write about Cambridge’s arts scene in an accessible and down-to-earth manner that can be enjoyed by all. Arts editors must be willing to immerse themselves in Cambridge’s artistic spaces, and be thoughtful about how Varsity can build upon our examination and support of them. We are looking to recruit two Arts editors.

Fashion Editor

We are looking for two Fashion editors with an eye for style. The Fashion section must aim to be accessible, personal and relevant to both the student body and our broader readership. We're looking for individuals who are compelled by the vast range of fashion visible within Cambridge and have ideas about how we can translate that for online content. Beyond writing and editing creative and topical articles, Fashion editors will be responsible for organising a photoshoot for each print edition. They will work alongside the leadership and visual team to devise each shoot's concept, find locations and models, and direct the shoot. From style guides to creative investigations, this role lets you set the standard for the Cambridge fashion scene.

Film & TV Editor

Film & TV editors must be compelled by both the Cambridge film and television scene and the broader cultural moment. The section will be expected to produce interviews and features on the Cambridge film scene, which provide new insights into these spaces. Editors will also be responsible for producing timely reviews of new films and TV, whether that means the latest student film screening or the newest Netflix show. Editors must be strict with the content that is reviewed in the section, able to discern which films will and will not garner the interest of the average Cambridge student, and to ensure that these reviews are written in direct relation to our readership. We are looking to recruit two Film & TV Editors.

Music Editor

Music Editors need to be not only passionate about music, but engaged in the rich and exciting Cambridge music scene. They will be responsible for producing regular reviews of student bands, music nights, and concerts. They must also interview and feature prominent players in the Cambridge music scene, engaging with bands and societies in creative and innovative ways. Beyond this, they will need to produce content which explores music more generally, in the form of features and playlists, platforming and discussing all genres. We are looking to recruit two Music editors.

Theatre Editor

Theatre is the most fast-paced section in Vulture. Theatre editors must ensure that all reviews are published promptly, meaning the role requires a lot of organisation and foresight. The Theatre editors will commission reviews as well as behind-the-scenes features and commentary exploring Cambridge's rich theatre scene. You must also seek to highlight the creative work students undertake to bring productions to life. This is a demanding role due to the large output of the section and the time-critical nature of reviews. We are especially looking for individuals who are extremely organised and able to take great initiative in reaching out to shows.

Other roles:

We are also looking to recruit a team of sub-editors and a team of archivists. Click the drop-box below to see what’s required of each role, and what we need from you in your application.


Know your less from your fewer? Have an eye for commas, apostrophes, capital letters and spelling? Our team of sub-editors are the key to ensuring that Varsity maintains its reputation for clear and professional journalism. They ensure that all print editions conform to Varsity’s house style and flag up any content that may be unsuitable for publishing. Sub-editors come into the office to sub our print copy before we send off our pages – it’s fast-paced and a great chance to get involved with the heart of the paper.

We are looking to recruit a number of sub-editors as well as a Chief sub-editor who will manage the team to ensure content is reviewed in a timely fashion.

Applications for Sub-editor must include a critique of an article from any section from the past couple of terms, with particular attention to the detailed improvements which a sub-editor could make with reference to the Varsity style guide (300 words maximum). The Varsity style guide can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F1nbjvvra1Fx-a5fCXreFmgivhSRke5Q/view


Starting all the way back in 1931, Varsity has a rich history. Whether a Varsity lover or dedicated historian, our archives – which contain issues dating back to 1947 – offer many interesting insights and well-known names. As well as digitalising past print editions in the office to ensure our legacy is preserved and accessible, the Archivists will be responsible for producing the ‘Vintage Varsity’ column online. The column reflects on past Varsity stories in a humorous or reflective way. The Archivists should also be able to act as a point of guidance or assistance for other section editors looking to produce features with a historical or archival focus. We are looking to hire two individuals for this role.

To apply for this position, please provide three ideas for a 'Vintage Varsity' column with reference to stories from our online archives (see 'Paper Edition' on the website footer below). (500 words max)

Please note that applications to join our writer and visual teams will open soon after editor applications close.

If you have any questions about any role, or about how Varsity works in Michaelmas term, please do not hesitate get in touch. Best of luck with your applications!