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Cambridge University has been told to pay the council £600,000 after failing to build a pool on its Eddington development, according to the BBC.

The University was informed by the City and District council that as part of their construction of the North-West Cambridge Eddington development, they would be expected to contribute towards a pool nearby.

Council officials specified that a maximum of seven years could lapse between the first dwelling on the site and the pool being built. The seven years have now passed, and the University has been told to pay a charge as a penalty for the pool not having been completed. The University has not secured planning permission to build the pool.

This agreement was part of a section 106 (S106) commitment which is designed to mitigate the impact of development which could be considered undesirable to local residents. Planning officers were concerned by added pressure on existing facilities.

In January, Councillor Katie Thornborrow told Varsity that the total estimated charge would be £606,847. “Based on the latest BCIS indexation figures those amounts will be circa £388,382 to the City Council, and £218,465 to SCDC [South Cambridgeshire District Council]”, Councillor Thornborrow explained.

The Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service said they have “begun engaging with the University on this payment,” according to the BBC.

“The trigger in that planning permission for a financial contribution towards the provision of a swimming pool [facility] has been reached,” a spokesperson for the Planning Service said.

“That contribution is based upon the likely additional demand for swimming pool space by the residents of Eddington.”

Additionally, they suggested there was “scope” for a new swimming pool facility.


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Unbuilt pool could cost the University £600,000

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The University said that they were “continuing to engage with the local authorities to ensure its planning obligations are met, but does not currently have planning permission for a new pool”.

The Cambridge spokesperson explained: “If and when we receive outline planning permission for the Cambridge West site – with provision for additional leisure facilities – we will need to take into account an ongoing council review of leisure facilities, including swimming pool demand and future provision in the wider area, before considering a more detailed application.”

Members of the public expressed concern that the pool would go unbuilt in January that the University had not made progress on their agreement to contribute towards the pool, calling the pool’s construction “long overdue”.