The demonstration was held in solidarity with the Cambridge for Palestine encampmentMartha Shawyer for Varsity

Over 100 students protested at the Sidgwick Site today (04/06), in solidarity with the Cambridge for Palestine (C4P) encampment.

A rally was held outside the English faculty at 12pm, organised by the group 'Sidgwick for Solidarity'. One protester shouted “we cannot hide in our libraries,” claiming that “there can be no business as usual” until the University meets the demands of the encampment.

The demonstration marks the first action to take place on Sidgwick Site, where most of the University’s Arts and Humanities faculties are located, since the C4P encampment began nearly a month ago.

A speaker called on students and staff from all faculties to join them in creating an “unshakeable solidarity movement" on the site, declaring “we will be back”.

Following the rally, protesters marched through the site and towards the encampment on King’s Parade, chanting “Sidgwick join us” to onlookers along the way.

At the encampment, the protesters were addressed by Anne Alexander, the communications officer for the Cambridge UCU and member of its executive committee. Alexander said that “we are fighting alongside you for the same demands,” and encouraged protesters to “keep doing this”.

Negotiations between C4P and University representatives have now entered their second week, after the group set up their encampment outside King’s College last month, refusing to leave until their demands are met.


Mountain View

King’s students stage ‘die-in’ over ties to Israel

The University has so far agreed to set up a “humanitarian response fund” for students affected by conflict, and to fund two scholarship places for Palestinian students. The concessions have been described by C4P as a “step in the right direction,” but “not enough”.

The University has also alleged that the group were “not representative” of the student body as a whole, and have preferred to refer to negotiations as “a constructive dialogue with students”.

The group are demanding that the University disclose and divest all investments in companies associated with Israel, and reinvest them into Palestinian students and academics.

Cambridge University has been contacted for comment.