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An Emmanuel college porter has been condemned by the college’s SU after retweeting “hateful” and “transphobic” messages on social media.

In an email to all undergraduates, the Emmanuel College Student’s Union (ECSU) described the posts as “homophobic and transphobic,” stating that they “completely denounce the reiteration of such views by a porter who is supposed to be a person of trust”.

The posts allegedly retweeted by the porter claimed that “there is no such thing as trans,” and that “using preferred pronouns” is “pandering to delusion”.

The account also repeatedly reposted content that pushed anti-vaccine conspiracies and claimed that he did not believe that “experts” or “scientists” were reliable.

The College has since launched an investigation into the porter’s conduct, Varsity understands.

This news comes just weeks after a Clare College porter sparked outrage over retweeting an image that compared photos of a street of pride flags to a street of swastikas in Nazi Germany.

ECSU also wrote that these actions are at odds with a porter’s duty to protect students’ welfare. Emmanuel’s website claims porters provide “warm & friendly support and advice to the whole College community” and that porters have “important pastoral” responsibilities around college.

One Emmanuel student told Varsity: “As a queer person, I’m horrified that this man is considered my ‘first port of call’ for welfare concerns. If someone who’s supposed to look out for my welfare denies my existence, then the College is failing in their job to protect it.”


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Clare porter’s ‘upsetting’ tweets spark student outrage

“These kinds of ideas threaten students’ wellbeing and cause us genuine distress, and should not be protected under the mask of free speech,” they continued.

This comes after Emmanuel College cut ties with “race-realist” fellow Nathan Cofnas last month, leading to outcry from Cambridge academics as an attack on free speech.

An Emmanuel College spokesperson told Varsity: “We are aware of these concerns, and an investigation has been initiated. As you would expect, it is inappropriate for us to comment until the process been completed.”