Price’s views on trans rights were previously criticised in 2020Anna Fitzpatrick with permission for Varsity

A porter at Clare College has sparked renewed outrage among the student body following his tweets and retweets criticising transgender rights.

The porter, Kevin Price, retweeted a post comparing photos of a street of pride flags to a street of swastikas in Nazi Germany, which was met with criticism from Clare students. Last month, Price tweeted and retweeted over 40 posts in opposition to the rights of transgender people.

The post Price retweeted

Price’s views on trans rights were previously criticised in 2020 after he resigned as a Labour councillor for King’s Hedges in reaction to a motion that promoted trans rights. Price opposed the motion’s statements that “trans women are women” and “trans men are men”.

At the time, a Clare student and SU Women’s Campaign Trans Rep commented that Price was “unfit both to hold public office and to be in a position of responsibility over students”, claiming he is a “potential risk” to transgender students at Clare.

Regarding Price's recent actions, a transgender student at Clare told Varsity: “Mr Price’s continual online behaviour has been extremely upsetting for us all. This incident was not only a deeply disturbing and insensitive comment, but shows a brazen contempt for the rights and dignity of trans, non-binary and queer people.”

“I have personally felt uncomfortable around Mr Price before this incident due to his behaviour, and many students have felt unable to rely on him. We deserve to feel safe in the places we live and the staff we are told we can rely on,” they continued.

The responsibilities of a college porter include “security and safety of the College members ” in Clare’s description of the role. The description also states that “the Porter will reflect a very favourable first impression of the ethos of the College.”


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In reference to Price’s most recent tweets, a representative from the Clare Union of Students (UCS) told Varsity: “The UCS is aware of this issue, and we want to assure students that we condemn any form of homophobia, transphobia and hateful rhetoric.”

“Our priority is to protect the welfare of Clare’s LGBTQ+ community. We have been in communication with Clare College and we will continue to advocate towards creating a safe and welcoming environment for all students,” they added.

Clare College and Kevin Price were contacted for comment.