Anderson won with 1400 votes in the first roundDaniel Hilton

Sarah Anderson was elected as the new undergraduate president of the SU last night (29/02), with Sumouli Bhattacharjee being elected postgraduate president.

With 1400 votes, Sarah Anderson was elected in the first round of the elections, stating that she felt: “Tired, but very happy!”

A current Fitzwilliam undergrad, Anderson said her plans were “to go back to Fitzwilliam and go to the college bar and thank them all for turning out.”

She added that her first task in her position would be to “assess where things are” and “where you can start working on immediately to get help out there.”

Fitzwilliam was the college with the largest voter turnout, with 28% of their students voting.

Across the University, 2862 students voted, with 2071 of those being undergraduates and 786 postgraduates. The turnout (roughly 10% of the University’s total student body) is roughly the same as last year.

The current undergraduate president, Fergus Kirman, said: “I am delighted that we have such a strong team of sabbatical officers elected, and I have absolute confidence in them to keep pushing the SU forward in a really positive way, to keep building trust in students, and to keep pushing to meaningful change in the coming year once they start in July.”


Mountain View

SU races are competitive for full-time roles, but no one wants part-time ones

Sumouli Bhattarjee was elected with 782 votes in the first round, and 801 votes in the second round.

Bhattarjee stated that: “The only thing that helped me is the pages that I put in my manifesto. They were in a very clear format of what really matters to us, and I also did not try to overpromise - I just kept it on what I thought was deliverable, and so I think the vote is for that.”

The other officers elected last night were Katie Clarke for undergraduate access, education and participation officer (AEP), Neela Maadhuree Aramandla for postgraduate AEP Officer, Manjari Gupta for women’s officer and Chalo Waya for disabled students’ officer. Maroof Rafique was re-elected for BME officer.