Anna Lapwood at this year's BBC PromsBBC/Richard Ansett with permission for Varsity

Pembroke College’s director of music, Anna Lapwood, has spoken out publicly about her stalker, who has been jailed.

Elliott Bennett had been stalking Lapwood, who is popularly known as the ‘TikTok organist’, since March of this year. He first followed Lapwood “coast to coast” while she toured the USA with Pembroke College Choir and choral musician Eric Whitacre.

Bennett asked to take a picture with the musician, but his actions quickly escalated to taking Lapwood’s hand, getting down on one knee and suggesting that the two should be together. When Lapwood informed him that she had a boyfriend, Bennett replied that he “can’t accept that”. He later chased Lapwood and her boyfriend through a hotel car park. Lapwood says that she “had to be escorted everywhere” at this point in time.

Bennett’s behaviour intensified after Lapwood’s US tour finished. He bought a one-way ticket from America and showed up at Lapwood’s performance at the Albert Hall in London, where she spotted him. Last month, he repeatedly appeared to busk outside Pembroke College, Lapwood’s place of work. When he was asked to leave, the stalker told Pembroke College staff that he and Lapwood had a spiritual connection.

Bennett, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to stalking in July, and was given six months in prison and an indefinite restraining order.

Lapwood spoke out after the sentencing, saying that “we shouldn’t hesitate to report” instances of stalking to the police.

When Bennett first began stalking Lapwood, she worried that she was overreacting, but soon learned that “the reality is that some people don’t understand boundaries or heed warnings.”

“It’s too easy to think that something isn’t serious enough to involve the police [...] To anyone who is experiencing harassment or stalking, I urge you to seek help. The police know how to deal with it in the quickest and most efficient way.”


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While Lapwood expressed her gratitude for the police’s handling of the case, DC Timothy Taylor, who investigated, praised Lapwood, saying her “courage and bravery in reporting this to the police and speaking out" would in turn "give other victims the courage to speak out”.

DC Taylor continued: “I am pleased Bennett is now jailed, and I hope this sentencing provides her [Lapwood] with some sort of closure.”

Anna Lapwood and Pembroke College have been approached for comment.