George won 145 votes to reopen nominations 60Chris George

Chris George has been elected president of the Cambridge Union for Lent term 2023.

George ran uncontested, winning 145 votes. 60 voted to reopen nominations.

He campaigned to fix the “simple things” like the aged Union website and opening the building up more to members.

George previously served as head of events management under Michaelmas 2021 president, Keir Bradwell, and debates officer this term under Leti Ryder.

Unusually, George has also been treasurer of the Cambridge Labour club (CULC) this term which has led to some suggestions that the club is now a rival force within Union elections to the Liberal and Conservative societies.

George told Varsity that the Union has often been dominated by other political clubs: “It’s nice for Labour to get involved in the Union. Hopefully all political societies can have a voice.” 


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Union candidates launch bids for Lent term

A senior CULC committee member added: “A year ago, none of us would even consider going to Union events, let alone run. A year later, the Union President is the CULC treasurer, the incoming debates officer is CULC chair, and we’ve finally had some amazing left wing people stand up and be heard.

“The Union certainly hasn’t changed that much but it bodes well for the future that about 50 or so Labour members are voting regularly and finally becoming organised, and hopefully in the long term, the Union will be as much a home to the left as it has been for Tories.”

Other victorious candidates included Max Ghose who has been elected debates officer unopposed with 173 votes, Sal Widdicombe who was elected speakers officer by a margin of 4 votes over rivals Philip Al-Taiee and Izzy Porter, Shibhangi M. Ghose who beat Eleanor Stiles to the equalities officer job by 30 votes and Harrison Moore who was elected social events officer unopposed.

This presidential election saw a dramatic fall in turnout: while 520 members voted in the last election, this term saw only 205 go to the polls.