The Ukrainian ambassador to the UK addressed the Union at the beginning of Easter termMYKOLA LAZARENKO/FLICKR

President Zelensky will speak to the Cambridge Union over a livestream this Friday (10/6).

Zelensky will speak to eight British universities over a direct stream, including Cambridge and Oxford.

Leti Ryder, the Union president and Oksana Hetman, the Ukrainian society president, will both have the opportunity to ask Zelensky a question live from the Chamber.

Ryder told Varsity: “I’m completely thrilled for this brilliant opportunity for students across the UK to hear from the President of Ukraine, and so honoured that the Cambridge Union will play a part in that.”

Zelensky addressed the House of Commons earlier this year (8/3) where he thanked the UK for its support and urged the government to tighten sanctions.

He told MP’s: “Just in the same way you didn’t want to lose your country when Nazis started to fight your country, you had to fight.”

The Ukrainian ambassador to the UK, Vadym Prystaiko, spoke at the Union earlier this term.

During his speech, Prystaiko personally invited the University to meet with the President.

Prystraiko told Ukrainian students in the UK: “Please get as much knowledge as you can right here. Enjoy this moment on peaceful living outside the cities which are being bombed. Respect this chance which is given by your parents to get educated and find a better life in the future.”

Last term, the Union faced a backlash after announcing an “urgent” debate on whether Britain should send troops to Ukraine. The debate was called “tone deaf” and “disgusting” on Camfess.

The Union defended the debate on Facebook saying: “The society remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting conversation and dialogue on the campus, even when these things are hard.”