Prystaiko has said there must be no “ appeasement” of Russia and that UK support “will never be forgotten”MYKOLA LAZARENKO/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The Ukrainian ambassador to the UK, Vadym Prystaiko, will speak at the Cambridge Union, the Easter term card has revealed.

Set to be released this evening (25/4), the term card details the Union’s programme for speakers and debates across Easter term.

Prystaiko, appointed ambassador to the UK under President Zelensky, said at a London march (26/3) that there must be no “appeasement” of Russia and that UK support “will never be forgotten”.

Several events this term focus on the current war in Ukraine, including a “Ukraine Teach-in”, a series of lectures by the Centre for Geopolitics and Ukrainian society.

Last term, the Union faced a backlash after announcing an “urgent” debate on whether Britain should send troops to Ukraine. The debate was called “tone deaf” and “disgusting” on Camfess.

The Union defended the debate on Facebook saying that, “The society remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting conversation and dialogue on the campus, even when these things are hard.”

Other speakers for Easter term include Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who was detained in Iran for 6-years and whose husband, Richard Ratcliffe, spoke at the Union last term and adult film star Stormy Daniels, who allegedly had an affair with former US President Donald Trump in 2006.

Also on the term card are: the self-declared British ‘money-saving expert’ Martin Lewis, rapper and singer Headie One and editor of The Spectator Fraser Nelson.

The Union will only have five debates this Easter: four before exams start and a presidential debate at the end of term.

The debates include an “open to all” debate on whether private schools are “a force for good” and members-only debates on whether “Russia is a distraction”, “bad laws deserve to be broken” and “only socialism can save us”.

Debate speakers include former Lord Chancellor, Robert Buckland, anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller, former leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable and the ambassador of Costa Rica.


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White men 70% of Union debaters for Lent

The final debate of term will see Easter president Leti Ryder debate “This House Would Separate the Art from the Artist” with Turner Prize-winning artist Tai Shani.

The Union has struggled in the past with perceptions of accessibility, an issue successive candidates have raised each election cycle.

Ryder addressed this in her term card, saying: “Accessibility is at the centre of this term card, we have strived to make some concrete changes which will transform how accessible our premises are to all our members, as well as making huge efforts to diversify our Thursday night debates through our new and improved women’s and non-binary debating program.”