An activist poured fake oil over herself as part of a climate change protest during Trinity College’s lunch service today (15/02).

Gabriella Ditton, 27, stood on a table and poured the oil over herself before holding up a sign saying “Do I have your attention now?” and using a megaphone to say: “Education will not save you from the climate crisis. Money will not save you from the climate crisis.”

She called on students to take action against the climate crisis, urging “mass participation in nonviolent civil resistance”.

Ditton, who is associated with Youth Climate Swarm (YCS), had been making a speech in the hall while fellow campaigners handed out leaflets about the organisation.

The fake oil used was reportedly made from “organic” materials, such as guar gum, pond dye and water.

Prior to the protest, Ditton said: “This is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. But if it brings attention to our campaign, it’s gonna be worth it.”


Mountain View

Senate House splashed with black ‘oil’ by XR activists

YCS encourages young people take action against the climate emergency by taking part in “swarms” which aim to “gridlock” major cities around the UK as part of a campaign of “non-violent civil resistance”.

The organisation is also organising talks across the country as part of their current “Just Stop Oil” campaign.

The demonstration comes a month after Extinction Rebellion activists splashed Senate House with fake oil in protest against the University's links with fossil fuel services company Schlumberger.