Two of Varsity’s most dynamic teams are recruiting: Switchboard (our podcast, returning this term) and our rapidly-growing Sport section.

We’re also recruiting a brand new Creative Team to curate dynamic fashion photoshoots, art photoshoots and videography projects for Vulture, our magazine.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience – our team are more than happy to offer any support and guidance that you might need. Whether you’re a settling fresher, or a returning student, Lent is the ideal time to get involved in Varsity, and we want to cover every experience of Cambridge life.

Above all, we champion diverse perspectives and outlooks on our University. So join us today, and help shape the conversation in Cambridge.

Below are details of the roles for which we’re recruiting, along with information on how to apply. If you have any questions, feel free to email the Editors-in-Chief, Bethan Moss and Emaan Ullah at

Sport writers

Sport is a central component of life at Cambridge for many, but this section is designed for everyone – not just sportspeople. You’ll have the opportunity to produce a variety of articles ranging in style and content, and will also have chances to report on sporting events.

Staff writer As a Sport staff writer at Varsity, you’ll be expected to produce at least four articles during term, which could be anything from analytical and opinionated pieces on wider sporting trends and commentary on events, to interviews with sporting figures and students. You’ll attend meetings to discuss the latest issues in Cambridge sport, and have the opportunity to respond to the section’s own weekly commissions. You’ll also be expected to get stuck into reporting on various matches across the University.

To apply: Explain why you want to be involved in the Sport team and detail any relevant experience, though none is required (no more than 250 words). Please also provide three developed ideas for articles that the section could publish next term (no more than 200 words per idea).

Podcast Team

Switchboard has become a regular feature of Cambridge life in the past few terms, as well as a really fun and exciting way to be involved in Varsity. No matter the role, everyone in the team will be asked to contribute to generating ideas, getting in touch with potential interviewees, and supporting the rest of the team as needed. Don’t let a lack of experience put you off applying – as long as you’re enthusiastic and ready to learn on the job!

Writers this role involves contributing to and publishing articles to accompany each episode, as well as assisting with transcribing episodes.

Outreach manager this role includes getting in touch and liaising with potential guests, as well as helping collect audience feedback and suggestions.

Graphic designer as a Switchboard graphic designer you’ll be responsible for creating the whole look of the podcast, especially in the cover art to be seen by listeners and shared on social media.

Audio Engineer as part of this role you’ll be responsible for turning raw recordings into the polished episodes listeners will hear as well as adding the intros and outros to each episode.

To apply: Answer the following three questions (no more than 150 words per question):

● Why do you want to be involved with Switchboard?

● What experience would you bring to the role?

● What are your overall ideas for the podcast?

Creative Team

The Creative Team at Varsity will be responsible for conceptualising and executing a wealth of exciting and dynamic fashion photoshoots, art photoshoots and videography projects. There are no limits to the themes and messages the Creative Team can explore and convey through utilising and celebrating the incredible amount of creative and artistic talent within Cambridge. There are many different interesting roles which will make up the Creative Team who will be working together to produce regular shoots published online and featured in the pages of Varsity's print edition.

Creative Directors this role includes coming up with shoot concepts articulated through mood boards and storyboards for photoshoots featured in the Fashion and Arts sections alongside videography projects. Alongside this, creative directors will plan the photoshoot or videography project, manage a creative team and execute the project on the day.

Fashion Director this role includes working with the creative director to reach out to fashion designers in order to pull clothes for photoshoots alongside recruiting and managing a team of stylists for the photoshoot project.

Stylists this role includes working with the fashion director and fashion designers to style clothes pulled for a fashion photoshoot on the day.

Set Designers this role includes working with the creative director to conceptualise set ideas for fashion photoshoots alongside videography projects followed by securing props and executing set design on the day of the project.

Graphic Designers this role includes working with creative directors to produce unique graphics for art and fashion photoshoots alongside videography projects.

To apply: Explain why you want to be part of the Creative Team focusing on why the specific role you are applying for is something you are drawn to in (no more than 300 words). Please follow this with 150 words discussing your relevant experience and three developed shoot or film concepts (no more than 300 words per idea).

Please note that applications must be sent to by 5pm on Friday 14th January, and should include your full name, course, and college.

Keen to contribute to the paper without taking on an official role? To hear about upcoming opportunities in sections you’re interested in, join the relevant Facebook groups for interested writers. We’re always open to pitches, on any issue or theme which may interest you, so please drop us an email with your ideas at any time.

Don’t hesitate to apply! We’re excited to receive your application.