The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education leads the development and implementation of education policy at the University Nicola Jones

Professor Bhaskar Vira, current head of the Geography Department and Fellow of Fitzwilliam College, has been appointed the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education, replacing Professor Graham Virgo.

Professor Vira’s term will begin on 1 October 2022 and last for three years.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education is responsible for leading development and strategy of education policy at the University, and is one of five Pro-Vice-Chancellors who assist the Vice-Chancellor in leading the University.

Another Fitzwilliam College Fellow, Professor David Cardwell, is Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Strategy and Planning.

Professor Vira is Graduate Tutor at Fitzwilliam College. He was also recently elected a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, and has worked on the UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, which assesses how changes to the ecosystem affect human well-being.


Mountain View

‘I’m concerned about the impact strikes will have on students’: An exclusive interview with Graham Virgo

Professor Graham Virgo’s term as Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education comes to an end following his recent discussion of support for the SU’s plans to campaign for a reading week.

In an interview with Varsity, he stated, “I’m pushing for the University Council and the college committees to formally consider it this academic year.”

He has also voiced opposition to UCU strikes, including those which took place at the end of this Michaelmas term: “I’m concerned about students and the impact on their education.”