One demonstrator claimed he was being paid minimum wage to teach PhysicsVarsity

The first of three days of strikes over pay and pensions began yesterday morning (1/12).

Organised by the Cambridge branch of the University and College Union (UCU), the strikes will take place across University sites till December 3rd.

The strikes are happening across the country because of issues over pensions and pay, “unsafe” workloads, “casualisation” and “equality failings”.

Standing beside entrances to University sites such as Sidgewick, those picketing explained their motivations to those attempting to cross picket lines.

According to one picketer: “The university can do better by its employees and staff.”

The SU women’s officer, Milo Eyre-Morgan said that the fact that teachers were being paid “below minimum wage to teach general relativity” made it clear that the supervision system was “outdated and broken.”


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Though students are divided in their attitude toward the strikes, Eyre-Morgan appealed for their support by saying that “if any of you want to go into academia, these are going to be your working conditions.”

Many students have joined the strikers on picket lines and at the rally on King’s Parade.

The strikers are hopeful: one told Varsity “our campaign is gaining momentum.”

The issue, they feel, “goes beyond graduate students”, and is “pervasive across the entirety of the university system.”