Jack’s mother described the 25-year old as a “force for good in the world”Jack Merritt

Cambridge University has commemorated the two year anniversary of the London terrorist attack which saw two Cambridge graduates, Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones, lose their lives.

The attack, which took place on 29 November 2019, occurred at the Learning Together conference in Fishmongers’ Hall, next to London Bridge. The Learning Together programme was run by the University and offered rehabilitation courses for prisoners. Merritt and Jones were respectively working and volunteering for Learning Together at the time.

Usman Khan, who carried out the attack on the two graduates and injured three others, was invited to the conference as an alumnus of the course, having spent eight years in prison for terrorism-related offences.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Toope said in a statement that “Two years on from the death of Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt, our thoughts are with their families, with their friends, and with all those Cambridge colleagues who endured the horror of the day’s tragic events.”

He continued: “Today our University community joins in remembrance of two bright young people whose legacy must continue to push us all to strive for a world that is more humane and just.”

An inquest carried out earlier this year found that Jones and Merritt were “unlawfully killed” in the attack, and that there were “missed opportunities” for security services and police to prevent their deaths.

Several members of Jack and Saskia’s families talked about their loved ones as the inquest began in April. Jack’s mother described the 25-year old to jurors as a “force for good in the world.” Saskia was remembered as someone “who battled to improve the lives of others.”

Dr Ruth Armstrong, Senior Research Associate at the University and founder and director of Learning Together, said: “The second anniversary of the tragedy at Fishmongers’ Hall brings renewed heartache and grief for all who love and miss Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones, and whose lives have been impacted by the consequences of the violence that day.

“As a community of learners we continue to stand in solidarity against violence and the harm that it causes”, she added, “spurred on by the spirit of Jack and Saskia, determined to play our part in building towards a world where there is less harm and more justice for all.”


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Inquest into Fishmongers’ Hall terror attack finds Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones were unlawfully killed

Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe, Director, Institute of Criminology said that the anniversary “is a day to hold all those impacted by the tragic deaths of Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt in mind, especially their families and friends, present and past, and far and near students and staff of the Institute of Criminology.

“It is also a time to remember, with gratitude, Jack and Saskia, and their creative and positive contributions to criminal justice.”