Cambridge Union President Keir Bradwell (centre) at the start of the debate on Thursday evening (4/11)Varsity from an anonymous source

Tara Choudhury, the Cambridge SU BME Officer, has called on Keir Bradwell to resign as Union President. This comes following outrage at Bradwell’s failure to intervene when visiting speaker Andrew Graham-Dixon delivered an impression of Hitler in a debate on whether “there is no such thing as good taste” on Thursday evening (4/11).


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Union President fails to intervene as speaker does Hitler impression

Choudhury called for Bradwell’s resignation in a Facebook comment responding to an apology signed by Bradwell that the Cambridge Union uploaded today (6/11).

In a tweet posted just after 6pm this evening, Choudhury elaborated: “This toothless apology is too little too late. Anyone who allows racist language to go by unchallenged is not fit to hold office. Beyond individual accountability, I look forward to seeing the steps the Union takes to root out the institutional racism within its organisation.”

Choudhury’s intervention comes as Varsity released footage this afternoon showing the Union’s President admitting to being “quite drunk” at the start of the debate.

Milo Eyre-Morgan, Cambridge SU’s women’s officer, has voiced their agreement with Choudhury’s position. In a Facebook post he said that “letting racist behaviour go unchallenged is unacceptable, and even more so when holding a position of authority”, expressing that they “hope to see better from the Cambridge Union in the future.”

Varsity has approached Tara Choudhury and Keir Bradwell for comment.

This article was updated on on 08/11/2021 to include comment from Milo Eyre-Morgan.