Mash and Vinyl told Varsity that they've put in place several measures to ensure safetyLouis Ashworth/VARSITY

CN: Contains mentions of drink spiking and sexual harassment

The event promoter Rumboogie has joined the movement to boycott Cambridge nightlife on Wednesday (27/10). They made the decision in solidarity with the Girls Night In campaign against the reported rise in spiking and sexual harassment at nightclubs and bars in Cambridge and across the UK.

The company, which promotes events for Revolution, and formerly promoted events at Cindies, said on Instagram: “As the biggest Cambridge University promoter in the city, we want to be able to make the biggest statement possible to venues and individuals that inappropriate behaviour of any kind is not acceptable and will not be tolerated at any events we run.”

Revolution will remain open on the day but Rumboogie will not be in charge of promoting the event.

Rumboogie’s post also highlighted other precautions they have put in place in order to ensure the safety of everyone attending their events, including first response stations, safety guardians, and a Lone Person Policy, meaning that anyone leaving venues alone will receive help to get home safely.

Nightclub precautions


Mountain View

Cambridge nightclub boycott planned in protest of increase in spiking incidents

Several nightclubs in Cambridge have put precautions in place in light of the recent wave of spiking incidents.


Vinyl told Varsity that they operate the ‘We Care’ policy and ‘Ask Angela’ scheme and will make free anti-spiking bottle stoppers, protective drink covers and drug testing kits available and will redouble searches on entry.

The ‘Ask Angela’ scheme means that anyone feeling vulnerable can ask a member of staff 'if Angela is working', a code phrase meaning they will be escorted to a safe place.

They stated: “While these [spiking] incidents are rare, we take all reports of this nature very seriously. Our teams are fully trained on the issue.”

Woo Cambridge

Woo Cambridge, which operates events at Mash, told the Metro that a "strong cling film" is being used as a temporary measure at their events, until drink stoppers can be obtained. 

"We know it’s not a perfect solution but we simply couldn’t get the official measures in time."


Mash told Varsity that they are carrying out thorough searches and scanning on all guests and have ordered toppers for drinks to prevent spiking. They said their staff have received Good Night Out training and can be asked for assistance in the case that someone has been harassed, spiked, or feels vulnerable.

“Keeping everyone safe is of paramount importance.”

Revolution and Lola Lo’s have not yet responded to requests for comment.