Share your story with Varsity.

As a team, we believe in the importance of the student voice. This Michaelmas, we want to hear yours. Using a variety of creative forms, we work to uncover and confront truths within the University, to delve into our experiences as students here, and to see things from a variety of perspectives.

We’re looking for contributors to join each of the paper’s sections. Whether it’s through writing, illustrating, photography or videography, there’s a place for you to put your curiosity and ideas into practice. Don't worry if you don't have any experience – our team are more than happy to offer any support and guidance that you might need. Michaelmas is the ideal term to try new things, whether you are fresher, or a returning student, we want to cover every experience of Cambridge life through Varsity.

Above all, we champion diverse perspectives and outlooks on our University. So join us today, and help shape the conversation in Cambridge.

Below is the list of roles we’re recruiting for, along with information on how to apply. Got any questions about the roles? Pop an email to Isabel Sebode and Nick Bartlett at 

Applications should be sent to by 5pm, Friday 30th July


News Correspondents

The Varsity News team plays an essential role in Cambridge, providing timely, objective, and incisive reporting on stories relevant to its readers. Our coverage serves not only to inform Varsity readers, but to hold institutions in the city to account.

As a news correspondent, you will be at the heart of Varsity’s busiest section. This is a challenging time, and your reporting - of largely, but not entirely, COVID-19 related events - will prove extremely useful. You’ll learn how to write news articles, conduct interviews and fact-check information, and have the opportunity to cover some of the most exciting events of the term. You’ll explore the ins and outs of Cambridge life, joining a team of committed reporters and editors to work on in-depth investigations, breaking news coverage and more.

No experience is required – only a passion for, and commitment to, reporting on news in Cambridge.

To apply: Explain why you want to be involved in the News team and detail any relevant experience, though none is required (no more than 300 words). Please also provide a critique of one recent Varsity News article of your choice (no more than 300 words). Please also provide three content ideas for current news articles.

Applications should be sent to

Investigations Team

Varsity's Investigations Section is a very exciting facet of the paper, covering topics over a longer period of time and in more depth than any other section. Editors and writers work together to uncover a range of issues throughout the term, ultimately producing a few carefully crafted and well-researched pieces that aim to bring untold stories to light.

As an investigations writer, you will work with the section editors to investigate claims, corroborate stories, and undertake a longer running journalistic project. Like in the news section, you’ll learn how to write articles, conduct interviews and fact-check information, and work with a team of other dedicated writers to explore the lesser known aspects of Cambridge life.

No experience is required – only a passion for, and commitment to, investigative journalism.

To apply: Explain why you want to be involved in the Investigations team and detail any relevant experience, though none is required (no more than 300 words). Please also provide a critique of one recent Varsity News or Investigative article of your choice (no more than 300 words). Please also provide three content ideas for potential investigations articles.

Applications should be sent to

Opinion Writers

There’s always a lot going on in Cambridge so we’re keen to put together a strong team of staff writers and columnists to write on the issues dominating Cambridge and the wider world.

Staff writer: As a staff writer at Varsity, you’ll write consistently on a plethora of issues, giving you a great opportunity to expand your writing repertoire and deal with different issues in each article. You’ll attend weekly (online) meetings, pitch ideas and join a team of dedicated editors and contributors committed to thinking critically about ongoing events. Unlike columnists who might focus on one issue or theme during the term and look at how this develops, staff writers should be ready to respond to breaking news and have their finger on the pulse of local and wider news. Applicants should demonstrate a close and critical engagement with the issues at the heart of life in Cambridge, as well as an interesting, considered and perhaps unique perspective on them.

To apply: Tell us why you want to be a staff writer, and which areas and issues in Cambridge life you’re particularly interested in exploring and and what perspective you think you could bring to Varsity (200 words max). (200 words maximum). Please also send a sample piece (no more than 800-900 words) and ideas for three further pieces,explaining the angle you would take and why you think this is something that needs to be argued. Your 800-900 word piece does not have to be published.

Columnist: An opinion columnist has the opportunity to have a deeper, more critical look into a particular issue or theme over the course of the term, rather than providing an immediate and dynamic take on breaking news and current affairs. A columnist will be expected to write between 3-8 articles during the term about a single issue happening in Cambridge (or elsewhere, provided it is relevant, engaging and could possibly be linked to Cambridge). You’ll work closely with the section editors to examine an issue that you’re passionate about in greater depth, which will then give you the freedom to develop a column that reflects your personality, life experiences and ideas. We’d like to hear unique perspectives on certain issues that differ from many of the typical pitches that we receive.

To apply: Please detail why you want to be an opinion columnist, and also why you think your perspective on an issue of interest would be unique and valuable (no more than 200 words). Please provide a pitch for a proposed column (no more than 300 words), explaining how your column might advance each week or fortnightly. Please also provide a sample column of roughly 800 words, and also provide ideas for three further columns.

All applications should be sent to

Staff Science Writers

Whether reporting the latest developments in the race to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, evaluating cutting edge research, or exploring ethical issues within scientific fields, the Varsity Science section aims to deliver interesting content that is accessible to all readers.

As a Staff Science Writer, you will delve deeper into fields in which you are interested, whether they be technical or reflective of the current social issues in science, and have the opportunity to interview researchers at Cambridge. This term we are particularly looking for Staff Writers to contribute to our Varsity Explains and Cambridge Spotlight series.

Applicants should demonstrate a keen interest in reviewing the latest developments in research, and the ability to reflect on the implications of science on wider society. We would expect to receive at least three articles from each writer per term, and so applicants must be able to dedicate enough time to the role to achieve this.

No experience is required – only a passion for, and commitment to, science in Cambridge.

To apply: Tell us why you want to be a Staff Writer, and what you hope to contribute to the section, and give details of any relevant experience you have, although none is necessary (max 300 words). Please also send: a sample piece on a subject of your choice (1000 words maximum); and ideas for three further pieces (a title and a short summary, max 200 words per article).

Applications should be sent to

Sport Writers

Sport is a central component of life at Cambridge for many but this section is designed for everyone, not just sportsmen and women. As sporting events return to the University this term, and with a plethora of national and international events on the horizon this summer, you will have the opportunity to produce a variety of articles ranging in style and content. The section is this term opening applications for both staff writers and correspondents.

Staff writer: Staff writers will work with the section editors to develop their own content, from entertaining columns on a sports-related topic of their choice, analytical and opinionative pieces on wider sporting trends and commentary on events, to interviews with sporting figures and students, as well as investigative pieces. They will attend a weekly meeting with the section editors to discuss the latest issues in sports, both in and out of Cambridge, and have the opportunity to respond to the section’s own weekly commissions.

To apply: Explain what interests, perspectives and experiences you would bring to Varsity Sport, and why you want to be a staff writer (300 words max). Please provide pitches for three articles (200 words max per pitch), avoiding content overlap between the three.

Correspondent: Correspondents will take the lead in providing timely and well-informed coverage of sporting events as and when they take place across Cambridge in Michaelmas Term. They will also cover breaking developments in and out of Cambridge. At weekly meetings, they will discuss upcoming events on the sporting calendar based on their research and interests, and will be involved over the course of the term in producing previews, reports, post-match analyses and live blog coverage.

To apply: Explain your motivation to become a correspondent and your technical knowledge of any Cambridge-relevant sports, as well as any relevant writing experience, though none is required (300 words max). Please also provide three developed ideas for events on which the section could report next term, encompassing events both in and out of the University (200 words max per idea).

Applications should be sent to

Violet Writers

Violet is really the “fun uncle” of Varsity. This is the section where you can let loose and experiment with wacky and funny articles about almost any topic you can think of. This year we’re looking to make the section even more satirical and goofy and will need columnists who can provide their own fresh and personal perspective. We are specifically looking for columnists who: (a) can write satirical poetry or comical short stories (no more than 800 words long) (b) can create short and fun (Buzzfeed-like) quizzes (c) are in a student comedy society such as The Footlights and are willing to share their own pieces of work (d) can run a ‘ week in the life’ series, discussing your experience of different aspects of uni life; be it rowing, acting, sleeping, drinking tea or something else altogether.

To apply: Explain why you should be the person to write about one of these themes or pitch your own theme that you think is original and would be suited to the style of Violet (400 words max). Outline three ideas for articles that you would write about for your chosen theme (400 words max). Tell us how many articles you would be able to produce throughout Michaelmas Term (columnists typically write 3-8 articles per term).

All applications should be sent to

Features Writers

Features is one of Varsity’s most intimate sections, publishing personal experiences, reflections and explorations of crucial issues. This term, Features is opening applications for both staff writers and columnists to join our team. We are looking for people to write articles grounded in personal experience, on a broad range of topics; these could be issues such as mental health, access and inclusion that affect the student body, wider themes such as sexuality, masculinity, identity, race, family, grief and love, or any intriguing anecdote or life experience you might share at the pub, from the strange and funny to the serious. We are searching for writers with diverse backgrounds and life experiences, but also anyone who can offer interesting reflections on issues that affect all of us. So don’t be deterred if your life feels very ‘ordinary’ - we’re sure you’ve got thoughts to offer, and a story or two to tell! No previous experience with Varsity is required.

Staff writers can write about anything and everything, contributing articles based on the Feature's weekly commissions as well as their own ideas. They will work closely with the section editors to develop their writing skills and will be able to write on a diverse plethora of topics and themes. Columnists have the opportunity to write regular articles for the section, often surrounding a certain theme or article structure. they are expected to write around 4 articles a term, one every two weeks. To be a columnist you need to be able to plan ahead and keep a tight structure.

To apply:Explain what interests, perspectives and experiences you would bring to Varsity Features, and why you want to be a staff writer (300 words max).Provide pitches/ideas for three articles (200 words max per article). All should preferably be on different topics.

Applications should be sent to


Arts Columnists

The Arts section is looking for a columnist for Michaelmas term! Whether you take yourself to be a modern-day Frank O’Hara or you have a shrewd eye and even shrewder opinions, we are looking for columnists to write a short piece, around 700 words, weekly or fortnightly.

We’re particularly keen to have a column that looks at the alternatives to a white male-dominated art scene - this could involve critiquing exhibitions or online events that occur throughout Michaelmas or introducing Varsity readers to your favourite non-canonical/BME/LGBT+ authors, artists and poets, some of which may have a connection to Cambridge.

We also want to encourage a columnist to share a more personal insight and account into art and literature especially considering how it functions for students with a full-on degree and not a lot of free time. These may be pieces on the books that saved you, the art that spoke to you, the poems that got you through breakups/particularly harsh essay feedback.

These articles could come in a series or they may be unrelated to one another. Additionally, these are just suggestions, and we welcome applications for columnists on other topics as well. All we really need from you is passion about the arts and a great voice to tell it with.

To apply, please send us a short paragraph (150-300 words) detailing some general ideas for three pieces as well as any experience or things about you that you think would make you perfect for the role (although no experience is necessary!) Please also provide a sample column, (500-700 words,) which could work as your first article and from which we can get a feel for your style and tone. If you have another idea or angle for a columnist that you think works with our ideas do let us know!

Send your applications in to, we can’t wait to read them!

Music Columnists

Music is looking for columnists for Michaelmas Term! We’re looking for one or two student writers to cover all things music related, focussing on a particular topic area and exploring it from different angles. The writers would be expected to contribute 4 - 8 articles across the term of between 600 - 800 words per article. No prior experience in being a columnist (or even writing for Varsity) is necessary. There is no restriction on genre - it can be on classical music, pop, jazz, folk etc. As long as you have passion and drive to talk about music, we’d love to hear from you!

To apply, please send a pitch for the area you propose focussing on, including a sample article (c. 600 - 800 words) and two further developed ideas for future content (up to 250 words total). Please also let us know why you would be particularly suited for the role. Additionally, if you have any other ideas for topics you might like to write a column about, do let us know!

All applications should be sent to

Fashion Columnists

The fashion section is looking for columnists for Michaelmas term! We're looking for a columnist to write weekly or fortnightly articles highlighting specific designers, depop stores or influencers, as well as one to cover fashion in the LGBTQ+ community. Pieces would need to be no longer than 700 words, and can take the form of an opinion piece, interview, reportage, personal essay, satire, photoshoot - your choice!

To apply please write us a short paragraph (150-200 words) giving ideas for the first three pieces you would write and any further details you think would make you particularly suitable for the role (previous experience is not required!). We’d also love to see a sample piece of around 600 words, which you might envision as your first week’s article. And if you have suggestions for any other topics you’d want to cover in a column, let us know here!

Send applications to

Theatre Writers

Theatre is looking for a team of regular Reviewers to review the best of Michaelmas Term theatre and also provide some behind-the-scenes insight by interviewing student writers, directors, producers and actors. No experience is required.

To apply just send along a sample review (no more than 800 words) of any theatrical production, film, or TV show you’ve watched recently.

We’re also looking for a regular staff writer: if you have a lot of opinions on theatre and are bursting to share, this is the role for you! You would have free reign to write around 3-4 articles over the course of Michaelmas term, based around anything you like! From finding feminism in Ancient Greek tragedy, to exploring allegations of racism in “Hamilton”, whatever you want to write about, we’d love to hear from you. The articles can be a series or unconnected.

To apply send us a pitch outlining your ideas (no more than 500 words), and a previous example of your journalistic writing.

All applications should be sent to

Lifestyle Writers

No prior experience is required to be a lifestyle columnist!

A lot goes on in Cambridge , and it can verge on overwhelming - it’s helpful to have a fellow student (or a group of them…) to turn to for advice. AskVulture provides just this: a group of fellow students answering your anonymous questions and and providing advice as well as they can. From adapting to Cambridge life to relationship advice, it’s the chance to help people see things in a new way, or to resolve a burning question/ issue. We’re looking for a team of dedicated writers to do this. You’ll work alongside the other AskVulture writers , each producing 1 to 2 articles a week, and liaising with the Lifestyle editors.

We’re also looking for columnists! As we head into yet another strange term, we are looking for a touch of the familiar. Can you whip up an incredible meal in a Covid-converted kitchen with just a rice cooker and a microwave? Do you have intel the best Cambridge cafes to escape noisy housemates? Do you have a passion which you’d like to share with readers? You would be writing up to 8 articles over the term on a given theme - and that could be anything (and we mean anything) Lifestyle related! Underrated walks/ household activities  to keep the boredom at bay/ skincare routines that hide a term's worth of exhaustion and stress/ tips for online supervisions… the world is your oyster!

To apply (AskVulture writer): Tell us why you want to write for AskVulture , and what areas (if any in particular) you think you could tackle (300 words maximum).

To apply (Columnist):Tell us why you want to be a columnist for Lifestyle, and which areas you’d be interested in covering (250 words maximum). Please also send the working titles of three potential articles in this subject area, with at least two well-fleshed out ideas.

All applications should be sent to

Film & TV Columnists

Film & TV would love some columnists this Michaelmas Term! We’re looking for a few student writers to cover all things entertainment - particularly someone with a specific interest in women in cinema, race/ethnicity in cinema, disability in cinema or queer cinema. We'd also welcome a columnist / aspiring critic dedicated to producing weekly reviews of new film, or someone passionate about the social impact of film and television - perhaps looking at a documentary series. The writers would be expected to contribute 4 - 8 articles across the term of between 600 - 800 words per article. No prior experience in being a columnist is necessary.

To apply, please send a pitch for the type of content you'd like to produce - either that we have mentioned, or that you feel would work particularly well within the section - including a sample article (c. 600 - 800 words) and two further developed ideas for future content (up to 250 words total).

All applications should be sent to


Video Team

Varsity’s Video Team is responsible for producing all of Varsity’s video content across all its social platforms. Members of the Video Team can be involved with pitching, presenting, shooting or editing. From short to long form videos and series there is always something exciting to work on! Joining the Video Team is an amazing opportunity to learn new creative skills (no experience is required), help tell the stories that mean the most to you and ensure that students’ voices are heard in an insightful, inspiring and engaging way.

This is a great opportunity to learn all about the video production process, improving your practical and technical skills on set and in editing.

To apply:

● tell us why you want to be a member of the Video Team and detail any relevant experience, though none is required. (No more than 300 words)

● Describe two ideas you have for short-form videos and one idea you have for a long-form video – these can be series or one offs. (No more than 500 words total)

We are also looking for a Technical Supervisor! Your role will be to shadow those on the video team and take charge of the technical aspects of the video team. This will involve being the point of contact for equipment, editing and other tech-related queries whilst also contributing to the video team through shooting, editing etc.

To apply: tell us why you want to be the Technical Supervisor and your relevant experience (No more than 300 words). Tell us about any challenges you foresee in producing content in a Covid-19 climate (with restrictions, possible lockdowns etc.) and how you would choose to overcome these. (No more than 400 words).

Send all applications to

Marketing and Media Team

As the University’s leading student paper, Varsity is always looking for new ways to engage with its readership. Help us connect with more students on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by joining our social media design team; it’s the perfect opportunity to develop your creative skills and be part of one of Varsity’s most exciting and dynamic departments. Roles are available for both illustrators/graphic designers, and animators/videographers

To apply: Send a brief (250 words max) summary of your opinion of the Varsity and/or Vulture social media. We are particularly interested in your thoughts on brand and design. Tell us a little about yourself and any experience you have in design, including what software you use and any technical expertise (150 words max). Attach a portfolio of recent work (this can be either your own personal creative work, or something you might have done for another society/job etc.) Any videos can be sent as attachments or links.

Designers will be able to work on content for both Varsity and Vulture social media channels, but if you have a preference for either please make this clear in your application. Experience is preferred but not required.

All applications should be sent to If you have any questions feel free to email, or send us a DM on Instagram via @varsitycambridge!

Additional roles


Know your less from your fewer? Have an eye for commas, apostrophes, capital letters, always italicising Varsity, and spelling? Our team of sub-editors are key to ensuring that Varsity maintains its reputation for clear and professional journalism. They ensure that all pieces conform to Varsity’s house style. It’s also important for sub-editors to be aware of the content itself, and to flag up anything that may be unsuitable for publishing.

We are looking to recruit a number of sub-editors who will be assigned to specific sections. To apply, please provide:

● A critique of an article from any section from the past couple of terms, with particular attention to the detailed improvements which a sub-editor could make (300 words maximum).

● An explanation of any experience you have for the role, why you think you would be suitable, and why you want to do it.

Publishing Team

Love adobe photoshop? Got an undying passion for newspaper or magazine design and are a stickler for detail? Then Varsity’s publishing team is perfectly suited for you! We are looking for a small but dedicated team of 3 to 4 individuals to help our section editors and executive team with Varsity’s fortnightly print edition. This role will involve coming into the Varsity offices to advise and check over the magazine. The Publishing team are expected to be proficient with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. The team will be purely focused on the production side of the paper, enabling them to have a great deal of creative license in working on the fortnightly paper edition. Alongside the executive team, the Publishing team will also be responsible for training new section editors in setting and guiding them throughout the term on how to improve the creativity of their print sections. If you wish to apply for the Publishing Team, please provide:

● A critique and vision statement for Varsity’s print edition, outlining some ideas for how you want to present content (400 words)

● Small portfolio of your work (doesn't have to be from a newspaper)

● An explanation of why you think you would be suitable for the role (250 words maximum)

● If you are applying to be a Senior News Editor, please can you also provide detail of the earliest date you will be able to return to Cambridge.

Staff Illustrators

Varsity relies on a strong, dynamic visual presence. As a staff illustrator, you’ll have the chance to be at the forefront of that change, joining a creative space where you’ll be encouraged to experiment, and creating art that speaks to student perspectives. Staff Illustrators will work closely with our Illustrations Editor and will be expected to provide 2-3 pieces throughout the term. Whether you are an artist, graphic designer or cartoonist, we’d love to hear from you.

To apply: Please provide details of any skills and experience you have (including a link to your portfolio if possible).

Send all applications to

Photography Team

Our photography team keeps the newspaper looking fresh and vibrant with new and original photographic content, particularly the News and Sport sections. As a staff photographer, you will work with the photography editor and receive training, and will also have the chance to pursue the creative projects you are interested in.

To apply: Please send an informal email outlining any skills and experience you have (attaching images you have taken, or including a link to your portfolio if possible).

Keen to contribute to the paper without taking on an official role? To hear about upcoming opportunities in sections you're interested in, join the relevant Facebook groups for interested writers, and sign up for our section-specific mailing lists. We’re always open to pitches, on any issue or theme which may interest you, so please drop us an email with your ideas at any time!

Don't hesitate to apply! We’re excited to receive your application.