He also reiterated government advice for staff to continue to work from homeLouis Ashworth/VARSITY

In-person teaching will be allowed to return from 17th May, Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope announced in an email this afternoon (12/05).

This follows the government’s announcement on Monday evening (10/05) that students across the country will be permitted to return to campuses.

Toope stated: “we are delighted to welcome many more of our students who are able to travel back to Cambridge.”

He also expressed some regret that the announcement has come late in the academic year, while many students are preparing for exams.

However, he did write that “for students on courses where teaching would normally be taking place at this point in the academic year, in-person small-group University and College teaching can resume.”


Mountain View

Students permitted to return to university campuses from 17th May

The email confirmed that in-person examinations, which have been scheduled for several subjects this term, will be going ahead as planned, though he noted provisions would be made for those still unable to return to take their exams online.

Now that the government has given the all-clear for student returns, Toope stressed the importance of participation in the asymptomatic screening programme “for your safety, and for the safety of the wider Cambridge community.”

“The more people participate in the programme, the lower the level of transmission,” he continued, “and the less time our students, as a whole, will need to self-isolate.”

With regards to staff, Toope noted that while guidance remains to “work from home if you can” until at least 21 June, as COVID restrictions begin to loosen, “Faculties, Departments and other University institutions” are being consulted on their views on draft University guidance about “moving safely towards a hybrid or blended way of working, where roles allow.”