The Union’s longest term card to date includes events on a variety of topics from politics and law to reality television Louis Ashworth

The Cambridge Union has released its Easter term card this evening (20/04). The Union’s longest term card to date features speakers ranging from David Miliband to Love Islanders and will include several topical events on issues such as the Uighur crisis and the Windrush Scandal.

Union events at the beginning of term will be virtual and accessible through the society’s Youtube Channel. However, following the continued easing of social restrictions in the government’s roadmap, the Union will begin hosting in-person events after 17th May, with coronavirus measures in place such as mask-wearing and social distancing. In order to improve accessibility, all virtual events and an increased number of in-person events will be open to non-members.

On managing the shift from online to in-person events, Union President Joel Rosen told Varsity: “We indebted to previous terms for shifting to online and carving out a path for us to follow. It hasn’t been easy with countless in-person events cancelled as the lockdowns were imposed. Students have juggled time zones, exams dissertations and ever changing government policies.”

In a press release, Rosen also commented that “We are enormously proud to be releasing our busy and varied term card. Free speech is alive and well at Cambridge and you’re welcome to join the debate with us.”

Two of the most notable names to be invited will be former Foreign Secretary David Miliband and former Prime Minister Theresa May. May was originally meant to speak at the Union in Michaelmas but the event was postponed after the imposition of the second national lockdown prevented it from occurring in-person.

In politics, the Union will also host Helen Clark, who served as Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1999 to 2008, and as Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme from 2009 to 2017. The term card also features Jamie Raskin,the US representative for Maryland’s 8th Congressional District who was named the lead impeachment manager for Trump’s second impeachment.

There will also be a variety of speakers from the worlds of sport, law and music. Figures in sport will include Gymshark founder Ben Francis and cricketer Monty Panesar, while in the area of music the Union will welcome British rapper AJ Tracey and Shygirl. Those interested in law will be able to hear from Alan Dershowitz, who was a lawyer in the OJ Simpson trial, and former Supreme Court justice, Lord John Dyson.

Other speakers include London mayor candidate and Youtuber Max Fosh, and Coca Cola CEO James Quincey.

Aside from speaker events, the Union will continue to hold debates every Thursday. These will include debates on topics such as fascism, big tech, abortion and religion.

This term will also see the launch of Head-to-Head debates, commencing with a debate on Marxism featuring political activist and philosopher Slavoj Zizek alongside Conservative politician Lord Daniel Hannan.

Panels will also be used to showcase a broad range of perspectives on a variety of topical issues. These will include a Class Panel featuring Youtuber and former Cambridge student Ibz Mo, a Sex Workers Panel and an Everyday Sexual Harrassment Panel. On a slightly different note, the Union will also host a Love Island Panel exploring mental health after the show.

In another endeavour to bring forward a variety of voices, this term will also see the introduction of “Great Conversations”. A particular highlight of the series will be a discussion on human rights between Uighur Muslim activists, Nus Ghani MP and Rahima Mahmut.


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Cambridge Union's Lent termcard features Joe Wicks, Amber Rudd and Clare Balding

“Great Conversations” will place the father of modern linguistics Noam Chomsky in conversation with economist Mariana Mazzucato. The series will also feature a conversation on espionage between KGB spy Jack Barksy and bestselling author Ben MacIntyre, as well as a dialogue between President Lawrence Bacow of Harvard University and Cambridge’s own Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope.

The easing of restrictions on 17th May will coincide with the opening of the Union’s newly renovated Orator bar. Alongside the re-opening of the bar, the Union will also bring back several in-person social events such as “coffee and newspapers” and jazz nights.

Rosen told Varsity that his goals for this term are “to make the Union a more inclusive and accessible place. We have an increased number of events that are open to all and all of our virtual events will be available to any member of the public to watch live on YouTube.

From sex workers to refugee poets, we are including more voices in our conversations.”

He added: “We are incredibly keen to demystify the Union and open it up to all. A year ago I was an apprehensive fresher slightly overwhelmed by this ancient and seemingly impenetrable institution. With the introduction of welfare officers, changes to election rules and a diverse and inclusive lineup we hope more students will feel in empowered to join our conversations and debates.”