There will be a ‘gradual reopening process’ for library provision in Easter TermLouis Ashworth

Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope has announced in an email this afternoon (26/02) that the University intends to “welcome back as many students as possible” for Easter Term.

The announcement highlighted that the feasibility of the return of undergraduate and postgraduate students on taught courses will be reviewed by the government by “the end of the Easter holidays”, and that the government will give students a week’s notice before they are permitted to return.

Toope outlined the University’s intention to welcome back as many students as possible except for those who have an underlying health condition or those who cannot travel to Cambridge.

The statement acknowledges the problematic nature of the requirement to return at short notice and quarantine for ten days, advising that those who will have difficulties in returning should contact their College to discuss arrangements for remote study in Easter term.

He added that there will be a “gradual reopening process” in library provision, with the aim of provisions being similar to those of Michaelmas Term at the beginning of next term.

The statement additionally clarified that there is “no immediate change” to study arrangements for this term or the Easter vacation, with the majority of teaching remaining online except for those courses which already offer in person-teaching, and that students should remain where they are at present and stay in Cambridge over the Easter vacation if they are already there.


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The timetable for exams and assessment is also “under review”, with the likelihood of it being extended until 2 July. Efforts are being made to schedule final year undergraduate and postgraduate exams as early as possible to ensure that these students are able to graduate.

Preparations are also currently underway with regards to the nature of this year’s graduation ceremony, which could take the form of a modified in-person event this summer if government restrictions permit it and it is safe to do so.

The Vice Chancellor also highlighted the success of the University’s asymptomatic screening programme, with zero positive cases being recorded between the 15th and 21st of February.